Workouts Curated By Our In-House Fitness Specialists

With the summer here, it's time to upgrade your training schedule so you can tone up and add a bit of a challenge to your current routine. We've curated a set of workouts to add to your daily set. 

Now, you just need to decide which day you will focus on either core, legs, arms, back, shoulder and whichever other muscles you want to train and strengthen. We hope these workouts make you feel fitter and toned during this #HustleFreeSummer.  PS: you can do as many sets as you can, depending on your fitness levels and goals. Remember to keep increasing the intensity as you get stronger. 


1. Chest Workout
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Push Up: Place your hands on the floor, with shoulders directly over them, and body straight out behind you with feet together. Bend your arms at the elbows, lowering your chest towards the floor. At the bottom, push your hands into the floor to move yourself up.

2. Legs Workout
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Lunge: Standing up straight, take a step forward and drop your hips down, whilst keeping your upper body upright. On your front leg, your knee should be directly over your ankle, and the thigh parallel to the floor. Your back knee should be close to touching the floor. From there, place your weight onto your front foot as you stand back up.

You can make this harder by having a barbell on your back, or by holding dumbbells.


3. Arms Workout
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Tricep Dip: Place hands on edge of a stable surface behind your body, and legs stretched out in front. Bend your arms and lower yourself towards the floor, then return to the start position.


4. Core Workout
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Front Plank: Lying prone, place your elbows directly under your shoulders, and keeping your abdominals braced, lift up until your elbows and feet are the main points of contact with the floor. Ensure to keep your back flat.

5. Shoulders Workout
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Lateral Raise: Standing upright with dumbbells in each hand, keeping arms straight lift them sideways away from the body until hands are at shoulder height.

6. Back Workout

Back - Glute Bridge: Lie flat on your back, with arms by your sides. Lift your upper legs and bend your knees so that your feet are flat against the floor. From there, push into the floor with your heels to lift your hips as far as possible off the ground. Hold the top position before lowering.

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You can find more workouts on our Elevate app for more personalised workout schedules, but first, buy one of our DNAfit tests to get started on this journey to tailored health and wellness. You can also follow us on Instagram to join a community of like-minded people, receive more practical insights that can empower you to upgrade your summer and also participate in some of our upcoming challenges. 

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