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Win New Year's Without The Excess

New Year’s Eve…

It’s right on our doorstep but with it comes a little more recklessness than at any time of the year. Maybe it’s psychological, maybe it’s just how we are as humans, but it’s safe to say that one New Year’s things tend to get a little pear-shaped, and a hangover is inevitable.

Popular thinking explains it as our awareness of past, present, and future… and how we are aware that the year is ending and another is beginning, and that we all deserve one huge blow out before we get started on our goals.

Other people explain it as a release from all the pent up stress from the year, and that one day won’t do much, but in saying this, there are many of us who just don’t want to get plastered and ‘let loose’ and ‘live a little’, but have no idea of what we can do because that’s what everyone else is doing.

So, if you are a bit more conservative in your tastes, and haven’t a clue of what to do for ‘the biggest night of the year’ then we have a few things for you.

Go away somewhere with close friends

If the thought of being in a crowded club all night being forced to gulp down various alcoholic drinks to keep your sanity, and then be forced to make that late night fast food run out of desperation and poor decision-making frightens you then why not just leave it all behind?

There is so much to see and explore and think about it, who do you really want to be with when 2018 finally rears its head? Your loved ones of course! Taking a quick trip away where you can soak up the sun and revel right into the night at your own pace, sitting down for a delicious homemade dinner and having a few drinks while one year fades and another one is revealed. 

Explore somewhere you’ve never been before

Speaking of getting away…

You’ve probably thought about having an experience of exploring somewhere close by that you have always been interested in but just haven’t found the right time to do it. Maybe it’s an ancient landmark in your city, or a retreat that you keep hearing people go to over the weekend but you’ve still never been.

Whatever it is. Take this as the opportunity to discover something new while everyone else is preoccupied by getting ridiculous.

Host your own party

Your party. Your pace. Your rules.

Sure, things might still get a bit out of hand but if you’re having your own party then you can choose who to invite and set the tone for it by, for instance, making the theme a formal dress up or cabaret. It’ll distract your friends from their normal shenanigans and add another layer to the night. 

Another benefit is that you can go to bed whenever you want!

Don’t get lost in the maelstrom

If everyone is intent on going out, and you’re still worried about your diet/training/wellbeing, but don’t want to spend New Year’s alone, then just know that you’ve got this.

You’ve been strict with yourself all year round and a little bit of release isn’t going to hurt you…but you should also remember that you still need the presence of mind to not get lost in too much of the crazy, or else you’ll regret it.

You can still have fun with everyone else while sticking to your morals/ethics/good behaviour… we think.

Watch the fireworks on television

If all else fails, and you can’t find anyone willing to let go of their plans to storm an overpriced bar at full speed then you can always watch the fireworks on television on your own.

New year’s is just another night, and how many parties have you already missed and not felt anything afterwards when people attempt to recollect what happened?

You’ll see everyone in the morning, nursing their hangovers and feeling sorry for themselves, and you’ll be fit and fresh and ready to take on a brand new challenge in 2018.

And don’t worry, you can still spoil yourself with a glass of wine.

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