Why you need a personalised approach to diet and fitness

The one-size-fits-all approach to diet and fitness doesn’t account for our body’s unique genetic makeup. A personalised approach to fitness and nutrition eliminates the risk of putting hours of work into your diet and exercise only to see mediocre results.

How your genetics affect your health and fitness

The growth of DNA testing for health, fitness and nutrition revealed very important information about ourselves. We are now able to cut out the guesswork that has been a sticking point for people who want to lose weight, build muscle or live healthier in general.

People want fast results when they are moving towards meeting their health and fitness goals. But, more often than not, it takes a lot of work. However, by personalising your approach to fit in with your genetics you, are now able to know what works for you right from the beginning.

To further explain this, we need to understand what DNAfit does and what products such as Body Fit can offer you.

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What’s inside DNAfit’s nutrition and fitness genetic reports?

Inside your DNAfit nutrition and fitness genetic reports, you’ll find recommendations based on the following genetic traits

  • Optimal diet type (Mediterranean, low-fat or low-carb)
  • Carbohydrate and fat response
  • Antioxidant and omega 3 requirements
  • Folate, vitamin B and vitamin D requirements
  • Salt, alcohol and caffeine sensitivity
  • Lactose tolerance
  • Coeliac predisposition
  • MealPlanner access (for genetically-guided recipes)
  • Training intensity response (power/endurance profile)
  • Aerobic trainability (VO2 max potential)
  • Injury risk
  • Post-training recovery speed
  • Genetically-guided training plans for either burning fat or building muscle

Using these insights can inform your training and eating plans and set you on the right path towards reaching your goals. We have helped many people over the years overcome obstacles and become the people they have always wanted to be, inside and out. 

This being said, genetic testing for fitness and nutrition is subject to a lot of skepticism. However, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. Like any scientific or technological breakthrough, you’ll see a number of early adopters, but most of us will need to see proof of results before we take a leap of faith. 

We know we’re a little biased when it comes to being DNAfit, so we thought you’d rather hear from one of our happy customers instead…

Allison Rushford (54 years old) managed to lose nearly half her body weight with her genetically-matched diet and training plan. Not only does she look and feel fabulous, Allison also recently handed her sleep apnea machine back to her local hospital, because her symptoms have improved that much.

Science and technology help solve our problems - so why do we resist change? 

There will always be resistance to change - whether it’s through habit or fear of the unknown. This is because, instinctively, we’re programmed to survive. Human beings naturally seek out the things that feel safe, comfortable and good. The mere exposure effect, is in fact an extensively studied psychological phenomenon whereby people favour people or objects simply because they are familiar.

In the case of science and technology, we often take a while to adjust to changes. Let’s look at football, for example. The most recent, revolutionary technology introduced to the game is the VAR system, which allows the referee to receive assistance to make better on-field decisions with regards to big game moments. However, people didn’t believe it would work. Only now (since its success at the most recent World Cup) are we beginning to adopt it and see it as a positive change. 

The funny thing, is that human beings and an innovative species - we’re constantly pushing the boundaries with both science and technology, despite our fear of change. Even if it takes us a while to adapt, we can see the value that technology gives to the world every single day in, every aspect of our lives. Just look at inventions like heart transplants, computers, 3D printing and aeroplanes. While people may have been skeptical about these technologies at first, all of us now understand their value.

Find out more about what we here at DNAfit do. Read our article, How does a DNA test with DNAfit work?

Struggling to reach your weight loss goals? We’re here to help. Download the Ultimate Guide to Healthy Weight Loss, for some expert tips from our registered dieticians and sports scientists.

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