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What is Nutrigenetics and why is it important

Personalised nutrition means catering to your body’s needs. Your genes influence what your body needs. In this blog, you’ll learn what nutrigenetics is all about.

What is Nutrigenetics?

Nutrigenetics examines how your body responds to nutrients based on your genetics.

Nutrigenetics is the study of how our individual genetic variations affect our response to diet and nutrient intake. Nutrigenetics helps us identify how best to progress on our journey towards achieving our own, individual optimal health. This is done with specific food choices that work with our own unique genetic systems, and when this ‘genetic-directed diet’ is followed, it can help bring specific results.

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Why is Nutrigenetics important?

Life is basically a series of choices. From what you wear, what you watch, and a million and one other things big and small, and this includes what you choose to eat. 

Take a moment to stop and think? 🤔

What do you choose to eat? Is this food you choose providing your body with the nutrients it needs to perform its functioning? 

How you eat directly affects how your body performs. Your body’s performance directly affects your state of well being. By knowing your genetic nutrient needs, you are able to make choices that improve your body functions that will ultimately improve your quality of life. 

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A look into your genetic profile helps figure out the unique building blocks that put your body together. Once you have the ‘blueprint’ of your body you can begin to optimise.

Want to start proactively managing your health? Nutrigenetics can give you insights on where to start your proactive journey.

Want to optimise your fitness? Nutrigenetics can tell you which foods your body processes better for maximum optimisation. 

Want to begin your fitness journey? Nutrigenetics can tell you which foods will help feed your muscle growth and even aid in your recovery.

Want to maintain a healthy weight? Nutrigenetics can tell you how to find the balance with guidelines on specific foods suited to your body goal.

Personalised Health

Your wellness is not the same as your best friend, mom or even your siblings! Personalised health is the only way to guarantee that the choices you make are right for your body. Everyone is unique, which means your health is unique too! 

Once you embrace Nutrigenetics you are one step closer to finding out your body’s unique needs. Your nutritional goals are within your grasp. Choose personalised nutrition to improved wellness. 

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