What do you get with your DNAfit reports? [Video]

We are counting days before we finally shut down 2020 for good, and many of you have already have fitness and diet goals as part of the new year's resolutions to achieve in 2021. We are here to help you do it effectively and sustainably to end the years of failed diets and poor fitness results, despite paying expensive gym fees. It start with two words, DNAfit testing. Approaching this journey should start with a genetic test that can empower you with intricate results that are unique to you, for more meaningful outcomes. So here is what you will get from our reports when you buy one of our tests: 

Whether you’re about to get your genetic test done, are still deciding or are patiently awaiting the results–knowing what will be in your report will further enhance the adventure you are about to embark on. So here’s the ‘heads up’ on DNAfit reports, so that you’re fully prepared for when they arrive. 👀

What do you get with your DNAfit test?

Here's a breakdown of each of DNAfit's genetic wellness packages:

Diet Fit 

 Your genetic nutrition report 

✅  Personalised Genetic Meal Planner

✅  30-minute consultation with a registered dietician

✅  DNAfit app (with live chat support) to calculate and track your progress towards your health goal

Discover Diet Fit

Health Fit

 Your genetic nutrition report 

✅ Your genetic fitness report 

✅ Your genetic stress report 

✅ Your genetic sleep report

✅  Personalised Genetic Meal Planner

✅  Online genetically-matched training platform

✅  30-minute consultation with a registered dietician

✅  30-minute consultation with sports scientist

✅  DNAfit app (with live chat support) to calculate and track your progress towards your health goal

Discover Health Fit

Circle Premium   

Cancer Screening report 

✅ Common Health Risk report 

✅Family Planning report

✅Dementia and Brain Health report 

✅Drug Risk report

✅Drug Response report 

✅Health and Wellness report (diet, fitness, stress, sleep, sports, pollution, skin and others)

✅Traits and Talents report 

✅ Genetic counselling support from in-house experts

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Depending on which package you choose, you will get the corresponding report/s as well a consultation on each report with our expert dieticians and sport scientists. 👏

So, you understand what nutrition, fitness, stress and sleep are. But you’re probably wondering what this all entails? You have questions like: What exactly are we reporting on? And what form does the guidelines we provide come in? 

We’re pulling this puzzle apart so you can examine each piece before getting your whole picture.

Your genetic diet report

In our nutrition report there are three major sections: optimal diet type, micronutrients and vitamins, and sensitivities and tolerances.

Your optimal diet type–based on your DNA

DNAfit looks at the way your body genetically responds to fats and carbs–helping you find the right balance between the two. From your genetic sensitivities we will give you recommendations on your optimal diet type. DNAfit recommends one of three healthy, balanced eating plans:

  • Low Carb Diet 
  • Mediterranean Diet
  • Low Fat Diet

In this video Andrew Steele, Olympian and Head of Product at DNAfit, gives us an overview of what you can expect in your nutrition report.


Micronutrients and vitamins

Next we look at your requirements of micronutrients and vitamins, based on your genetics, not just on the average guidelines. Micronutrients are chemical elements or substances required in trace amounts for the normal growth and development of living organisms. 

Did you know? “vita” means life in latin, confirming how essential they are for optimal health.  Vitamins are organic compounds made in the body in very small amounts, if at all. 💭

Sensitivities and tolerances

Here you will learn about traits and other sensitivities around your genetic predisposition.

When we refer to your individual sensitivity, we are referring to your body’s individual reaction to key macronutrient groups. 

The thing is, depending on your personal genetic profile, you may receive a different amount of energy per calorie of both refined carbohydrates and saturated fat, compared to the average person. This is most important to understand when preparing your eating plan so you can manage your intake of these two food groups for the best possible results!

A sensitivity or intolerance is your digestive tract’s reaction to a certain type of food (such as milk or wheat).  

With your reports you will find out things like whether you are lactose intolerant, or the level of your caffeine and salt sensitivity. By understanding our individual sensitivity to these ingredients, we can make informed choices about our diet–improving our overall health and well being. Also in your report you’ll find your chargrilled meat sensitivity, coeliac predisposition and alcohol response. 🥩🍞🍷

Our Eat Fit guide was designed specifically to help you understand the elements of nutrition and portion control.

Download Eat Fit to master the art of portion control.


Your genetic fitness report

At DNAfit, we look at four essential fitness and exercise areas where that little extra care can get you feeling at your best. Our genes predispose us to various risks and responses when it comes to fitness and exercise. By understanding how our genetics affect the way we respond to different types of exercise, can help personalise our workouts to reach fitness goals.🏃

Check out what Andrew has to say about your fitness report.


Training intensity response

Everyone’s fitness benefits from both power and endurance training. However, some people are genetically predisposed to respond better to one than the other. Understanding your power/endurance response allows you to leverage your genetic makeup for more personalised training.

We look at a host of genes, to discover how you as an individual respond to exercise. How you build muscle fiber or the way your aerobic system develops? We’ll give you your results in terms of a percentage. What percent of power response are you? What percent of endurance response are you? This is the section where you will find the answers and is presented in a sliding scale.

Genetic injury risk

Injury risk is always a default risk when undertaking any form of exercise, some people do appear to be more predisposed to injury than others, and some of this is based on genetics. 

Scientific research has shown that certain genetic variations can affect injury risk; we take the results from your DNA test and collate them to provide an overall injury risk score. 

Injury risk information is not designed to scare you, but to give you the power to reduce your injury risk.

If you’ve got an increased injury risk, it might seem like bad news, but really it isn’t; all you need to do is include injury prevention sessions in your training plan. 

Recovery rate

Recovery is one of the most important aspects of any training plan. If you don’t allow for proper rest between training sessions, you run the risk of compromising future workouts.

When exercising some people are lucky enough to recover very quickly - ready to exert themselves again after very little rest, whereas others don’t seem to bounce back quite as fast, needing a longer break between hard training bouts. Research has shown that certain genetic variations infer a delayed recovery from hard exercise training, those with these markers should take extra care with their training plan and nutrition strategy. 

You see, every time we push our bodies through exercise, we can cause inflammation and oxidative stress in our cells. It is important to refuel and repair your muscles so your body is ready for the next event or training session. If you neglect post-exercise nutritional support and recovery time, you risk running low on energy during your next exercise session and harming your overall training plan.  

Aerobic training response–VO2Max

Your body needs oxygen when exercising. VO2Max is a test used by scientists to measure the maximum or optimum rate at which your body can effectively use oxygen during exercise. It is commonly used as a way of measuring your individual aerobic ability and it is an extremely popular measure of progress amongst endurance athletes. 

Understanding how your fitness works on a genetic level is the next step to a better fitness regime. Download Fitness Hacks For Beginners  if you’re just starting your programme. There’s no better time than the present.

Download Guide

Sleep and stress (aka genetic wellness report)

We all experience stress at one point or another in our lives; but not everyone responds in the same way. Our lives, upbringing and experiences can all have an impact on individual responses to stress. Research has shown that certain genes can make us more sensitive to life’s stresses and strains. DNAfit makes your stress and sleep choices more personal. 

In this video, Olympian Andrew Steele gives us an overview of what you can expect in your wellness report.


Genetic stress tolerance

In this section of the report, we look at genetic variants that are associated with your stress tolerance. You may have a high or low genetic predisposition towards being more tolerant to stress. If you have a  genetic predisposition to potentially lower stress tolerance, being aware of it may help reveal areas you can focus on, so that you move towards improving mental wellbeing. 

Your warrior vs strategist response

How well you can process information whilst under stress and pressure varies from person to person. When it comes to performance under pressure, there is a sliding scale of responses, and this is a result of a gene called COMT. You will find out where you lie in this sliding scale.

Genetic chronotype

Have you ever noticed how some people can get up early and be really energetic, whilst some of us don’t feel alive until after 10am and a bit of coffee? The same is true at the opposite end of the day. Some people prefer to go to sleep earlier, whilst others find getting to sleep before midnight difficult. This is linked to differences in our circadian rhythm. In this section of the report you will find out if you are a Morning Lark or a Night Owl. 🦉

Sleep quality predisposition

Sleep is one of the most important factors in helping manage our stress and wellbeing. However, when it comes to our sleeping habits, we’re all very different. Some of us find it very easy to fall into a deep sleep, or stay asleep in a noisy environment, while others are the opposite. In this section of your report we’ll look at your genetic sleep quality predisposition.💤

Caffeine disturbance

Caffeine is the most common stimulant we ingest on a regular basis. As we all know, we primarily get our caffeine from coffee☕. We also get caffeine from energy drinks, tea, and even certain medicines. The stimulant effects that caffeine is famed for may also disrupt our sleep. In this section of the report you will find out exactly how sensitive to caffeine you are in relation to your sleep.

Dietician consultation

To wrap up your DNAfit nutrition experience, we will give you one-on-one consultations with our team of qualified dietitians to put your results in context with your life. What we believe at DNAfit is putting your data into real life action. We don’t want to give you just another report. This is about taking your genetic data and turning that into real lifestyle change that you can use again and again. 🍎


Sports scientist consultation

With your fitness report you will get your one-on-one consult with one of our expert sports scientists. They will then guide you on your fitness plan, by looking into your training intensity response, injury risk, recovery rate and aerobic trainability. Taking all these personalised insights into account you will then be given an appropriate workout plan that will help you get closer to your personal goal, whether it be trying to gain muscle or lose body fat.

Genetic Meal Planner

With your nutrition report we will give you access to #MealPlanner, which is our genetically guided recipe and meal planning system. 

Meal Planner is able to look at: 

  1. your genetic response to carbohydrates and fats, as well 
  2. your goal and 
  3. any food preferences you may have, 

and can then give you a personalised meal plan, to help you reach your nutrition goal. 🍇💪


Discover Your Health Risks

The reports will give insights on your risks across 36 cancers, including breast, colorectal, stomach & prostate, so you may take the right actions early.

You can also understand risk for 75 lifestyle diseases, including stroke, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension & more so you can take control of your health.

Discover Your Carrier Status

Family Planning report looks informs you on 163 serious conditions that you could pass on to your child. Some are conditions you may have heard of, such as cystic fibrosis. Some conditions can be treated early, others require lifelong management, and still others have no treatments. All conditions screened are clinically meaningful when you’re planning a pregnancy so you can make informed choices for your family.

DNAfit's added benefits include :

  • The DNAfit App
  • Live chat support 
  • Elevate (our online genetic training platform with training videos)
  • The ability to plan your gym or at home workouts according to how you like to train

Now that’s a lot of POSITIVE’s coming your way!👌 

If you’re awaiting your DNAfit report/s, you’re now in-the-know about all the amazing insights you will be receiving very soon. Your adventure has begun! 🙌

If you’re still deciding on whether to get your DNAfit genetic test done for better health, fitness and wellness, consider all the pieces of the puzzle presented. And we’re here to help you put it all back together, to create your picture to your best health! Because it really does start with you and there’s no better time than the present! 

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