What Dads Want: Gift Ideas For Father's Day

We don't know about you, but it's always such a challenge to figure out what to get our dads or other father figures for Father’s Day. I think it's safe to say, you’ve bought enough socks and ties to last a few seasons. This year, get some thoughtful gifts for those awesome guys in your life. 

Here are our top 5 gift ideas for the special FIRST man in your life: 


1. Gadgets for the tech-savvy active Dad 

Smartwatch – 2  

Consider buying your dad a smartwatch - some of the best on the market have the ability to detect irregular heart patterns and send an SOS, sleep tracker, health and fitness features, the 'family set-up’ for tracking and sharing your location in case of emergency, military-grade resistance to water, shock and temperature, lasting battery life, and bigger always-on HD screen displays, and many more advanced features. 

Depending on your price range, you’re looking to spend on anything between £50 to £200. 


You can also get a phone bike holder for the dad who enjoys cycling - with the summer ahead, he’s likely to be venturing out for more cycling trips and adventures. So why not get him something he can use and incorporate into his hobby. This can make it easy for him to easily access and view his maps and messages while he’s out riding. 

The holder is designed in a way that allows him to have a 360-degree view - offering a horizontal or vertical rotation, while the no-slip grip ensures your phone is secure. You can buy this for around £12. 


2. DNAFit test range for the active Dad 
  • For something more comprehensive, get your dad a Circle Premium test by DNAfit. This is the test that utilises some of the most advanced WES Technology on the market, conducts a complete analysis on all the protein-coding genes, providing testees with comprehensive and accurate results across 31M data points. With Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) technology, the test reveals the full story about what makes people unique through the lens of their genetic makeup, instead of just a few sentences with traditional genotyping technology.

  • This is a premium product, so it comes with a heavy price tag of £349.30 compared to its competitors on the market. But the premium cost comes with access to a lifetime subscription to future genomic data updates. But then again, no price is much for the first man in your life. 

DNAfit and Circle

  • For something cheaper, go for Health Fit
    test by DNAfit. Through the use of gene-array sequencing, this DNAfit report promises a holistic approach to personalised health by offering a depth of easy-to-use genetic insights to help clients with their diet, fitness, nutrition and sleep and stress management techniques. Health Fit makes eating and training to your genes as simple and hassle-free as possible. 

  • It comes at a competitive price tag of £139.30, it's like having a personal trainer and nutritionist in your pocket.

3. Skin-care package for the Dad with a strong self-care game 

The smell of beautiful scents make most of us feel just a little happy - so why not put together a summer face package for your dad. Depending on his self-care needs, you can include some grooming oils and beard wash products so they can up their beard game going into the new season. 


You can also get them some vegan, cruelty-free products for face washing and moisturisers so they can keep their skin in top condition. Getting the right products can help dad stay moisturised with a glowing complexion as the season changes. You can put together the face-care package depending on what you can afford. The best thing about this skin-care gift is that your dad can use it daily. 


4. A personalised chess board for the curious Dad

Chess – 1  You can get him a personalised board - this

is a really great gift because he can share it with the whole family on game night or when he’s having a ‘boy’s night’. This is a great gift because it's easy to pack when he’s travelling during the summer. It's the best gift for dads who are passionate about continuous learning, who are problem solvers and who also love a great challenge. 

This is an affordable gift set, costing between £35 to £120. It's all about the details that you can add depending on your dad’s interest and personality. 


5. Barbecue smoker for the outdoorsy Dad!

With lockdown being eased, a barbecue smoker will serve as a nice gift for a dad who enjoys hosting people over or just a family day for some barbecue out in the backyard during a nice warm day.

Braai – 1

Get something that’s compact so it's easy to pack when he wants to take it camping and must be easy to clean with sealable air holes and a thermometer so he can maintain the perfect temperature. Ideally, barbecue and smoker in one gift. This kind of gift can range anywhere between £40 to £200. 

Whatever gift you get, make sure it best represents the best man in your life. The more personalised the better so he knows you put a lot of thought into it. 

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