Top 5 Valentine's Day Ideas In Lockdown

With lockdown on the cards this valentine's day, we’ve curated some ideas to help those who are together or apart keep the romance going despite what’s going on in the world. We can reimagine it together and keep the love going, especially for those who prefer to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle:

1. Couples that cook together, stay together!

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For the couple that’s living apart due to isolation rules at the moment, have a zoom cookout date with your partner for an intimate night in. What better way to ensure you keep your meal healthier than cooking it yourself. ‘Sharing’ a home-made, fresh dinner can be your expression of love to yourself and each other. Remember to experiment with healthy ingredients you’ve always wanted to cook with but never had the confidence to do it, try that eggplant or the artichoke. Even if it flops, only you’ll know how it really tastes :wink:. Have fun with it. 

Also, no matter how far apart you may be, make sure you’re still dressed up to keep with the mood, make your significant other feel important and keep things fresh. The evening can be concluded with a Netflix movie playlist of your all-time-favourite rom-com with some healthy dark chocolate and red wine to wash down your dinner. 

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2. Bring sexy back with a virtual salsa class together 

For the couple that’s isolating together, sign-up for a virtual salsa dance class that will allow you and your partner to do something different to break out of the monotony of the everyday routine.

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There are several benefits you can experience from salsa: 

  • Unlock an opportunity to intimately connect with your partner
  • Burn calories and increase your metabolism while having fun after a big valentines meal
  • It is also a great full body workout that gets your hearts beating for each other
  • Boost your mood and increase alertness because it will force you to be mentally present so that you ensure your feet and body are moving as they should
  • Learn a new skill together in the comfort of your home
  • Improved posture and coordination because it’s demanding when it comes to technique and synchronising your body movements to routine.

And above anything else, it's just a simple way of bringing some sexy back into the equation by sweeping your partner off their feet so you can see each other in a different light again, especially for those who lost some of that spark and romance after a year of being in lockdown with each other 24/7.

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3. A bike ride into the sunset

If it's not too cold, take a socially distanced bike ride in the park together. You can use this to achieve your fitness resolutions for the year while bonding, and you can be each other’s accountability partner. What better way to show love than to encourage each other to stay healthy together, so you’re both healthy and happy together for the long haul while releasing some endorphins along the way. Who knows, maybe a couple that works out together, can stay together. Also, there are a lot of health benefits from cycling:

  • Improved cardio fitness
  • Burns fat so it will enhance weight loss
  • Strengthens legs and lower body muscles 
  • It's low impact training for those with weak or painful joints
  • You also get some fresh air with your loved one


4. Join a virtual game or trivia night against other couples

Trivia and quiz games are all about brain-power, memory and challenging your cognitive abilities, leading to increased brain health. With some studies going as far as to suggest that older adults who frequently participate in intellectually and socially engaging activities exhibit higher cognitive function than those who do not. This might also help most of us since we’ve been complacent in the past year during to COVID, with our minds riddled by crippling anxiety (in others), therefore indulging in very little activity that challenges our brains. Here are some more benefits to consider:

  • A simple way to grow your bond as a team with your partner while competing against others
  • Expanding your intelligence and improve mental capabilities
  • Exercising your brain and memory
  • Improve your mood and distracting yourself
  • Meeting new people in an increasingly isolating world
  • Getting the thrill of competing and showing off your knowledge
  • According to a study in the November 2016 International Psychogeriatrics, such games can also sharpen your processing speed, planning skills, reaction time, decision making, and short-term memory

And more than anything, this can be an opportunity to become part of a community of people who might have shared interests as you and your partner, while providing the two of you with something to talk about later. 

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5. Know each other from the inside-out with Circle Premium

With COVID, health and wellness are at the top of everyone’s priority list. What better, meaningful and lasting expression of love than an investment in the future of yours and your loved one’s health? Make it a circle of love that extends beyond this one valentine's day, give them a gift of health that will ensure they have peace of mind. 

A couple that is informed about each other's health, will also plan better for the long term. Whether you're living together or far apart, you can do the test over zoom or together in person. This gift is another way of ensuring that you know even more about each other, especially what you’re each made of - from the inside-out kind of love!

The couples that are looking to start a family can benefit from Circle’s family planning DNA test that informs a couple on whether either or both carry inherited conditions that may be passed on to your unborn child.

Even though there are a million ways to say 'I love you', none other than Circle Premium comes with the promise of 500+ lifelong DNA insights to safeguard the future of your health and your beloved. So, say happy valentines day, the Circle way.

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