Biohacking and our health

Have you heard?

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Simplify your training

When we speak about simplifying training what we really mean is making it more efficient and easier to stick to. You’ll also see an improvement in the pace that you will see results because you won’t be doing a tired routine that is easier to get...

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What is prehab and should you do it?

Prehabilitation describes a systematic approach to identifying common injuries within a specific sport or training regime and then designing an appropriate series of exercises that work toward minimizing their incidence. The identification of...

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Alcohol and Diet - why there's more to it than just empty calories


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Top fitness tech for professional athletes

Technology has entrenched itself in the sports industry, becoming a crucial component to achieving optimum performance. The newest tech has advanced to the point where anyone can use it to improve their lifestyles and stay at their peak. While...

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How to build healthy habits

As I write this, it’s coming to the beginning of February. This means that, for most people reading this, their New Years Resolutions will already be broken. It’s estimated that fewer than 10% of people are able to stick to their resolutions each...

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6 health myths vs reality

Do you ever occasionally feel as though everything that you’re told is an intricate system of lies and truths that whirl around in a spiral of fact and fiction, accepted and rejected? If your answer is no then surely you’re in on the cosmic joke....

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Sport Science Review 2016 Part 2

As part of my job role at DNAFit, I read a lot of different scientific papers from a wide range of disciplines within sports science. At the end of 2015, I reviewed the best bits of research I had come across in 2015 (click for Part One and Part...

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Stress busting techniques for your wellness

We all have to face life’s stresses and strains. How we cope with these is affected by our genes, our experiences and our upbringing. The good news is that you can learn to deal with stress and stay healthy and happy no matter what your genetic...

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