Is a toned physique genetic?

We all know someone who, despite their seemingly unhealthy lifestyle, looks naturally fit. You might even be this person (if so, we’re jealous). Let’s find out if a toned body is only a matter of winning the genetic lottery...

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Using machines at gym

 Gym machines are often thought of as for beginners or people without the strength to take on free weights, but where does this all come from?

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The relationship between stress and weight

Stress permeates many aspects of all of our lives. Brought on by work, your home life and a myriad of other factors, it can lead to a number of mental and physical health problems that we need to overcome in order to live to our potential.

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How to start training when you're over 60

Old age certainly doesn’t mean that you have to accept the inevitable physical decline and forget about working out forever.

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Foods to Preload with to Combat Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is caused by the overproduction of free radicals in the body and a reduced amount of antioxidants to combat this oxidation. Free radicals occur as the body converts glucose into energy but this isn’t the only way.

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Are we hungrier when it's cold?

When it’s cold, it means that it’s time to eat. And not healthy food either.

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Engineering Your Life to Live Longer

How do you live long, and well?

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Have you got everything you need for gym?

New year, new you, isn’t it?

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How to boost your testosterone naturally

Producing low levels of testosterone could increase your chances of muscle loss, fat gain, rapid fatigue during activity, low energy, decreased ability to recover appropriately from exercise and can even increase your susceptibility to injury and...

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