A good night's sleep starts the moment you wake up

What can you do everyday to avoid lying awake counting sheep at 2 am in the morning? Here’s a few tips to help you optimise your sleep quality.

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Stepping stones on the path to mental health [Part 2]

If you’re losing sleep thanks to anxiety or snacking on fatty foods to cope with stormy times, here are some top tips to help you manage your stress effectively and find your smile. 

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Stepping stones on the path to better mental health [Part 1]

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 and this is a topic close to our hearts at DNAfit. To promote wellness and help remove the stigma around mental health issues, we’re sharing our top tips to reduce stress (in a two-part video series).

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Are smartphones sabotaging our sleep?

Smartphones are an integral part of our day, we are able to hold the world in the palm of our hands. But are they sabotaging our sleep? Let’s see what the experts have to say

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Finding your centre | Tips to help you reduce stress

Effective stress management is more important than ever before, due to the increasing pressure of modern living. It’s hard to juggle the 101 things life throws at us. We’re trying to balance work, studies, family responsibilities and life admin -...

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The relationship between stress and weight

Stress permeates many aspects of all of our lives. Brought on by work, your home life and a myriad of other factors, it can lead to a number of mental and physical health problems that we need to overcome in order to live to our potential.

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Foods to Preload with to Combat Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is caused by the overproduction of free radicals in the body and a reduced amount of antioxidants to combat this oxidation. Free radicals occur as the body converts glucose into energy but this isn’t the only way.

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Engineering Your Life to Live Longer

How do you live long, and well?

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