Does chocolate improve your mood?

We all know that chocolate makes us happy, but what is it about this guilty pleasure that makes us feel better? We’ve dug a little deeper and found out just what why this ancient treat makes us feel the way we feel.

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4 deceptively healthy desserts

Dessert is sometimes a DO-NOT-DISCUSS, taboo topic when placed next to the other D word: DIET! If you’re reading this, you must have sweet-tooth tingles from time to time... Don't worry–many of us share your love of all things sugary and...

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6 creative ways to use your avocados

We all love a perfectly ripe avocado–whether it’s smashed on a slice of toast with salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon or wrapped in rice and part of our sushi. Some of us may even have tried smearing an avo on our faces as a natural face mask....

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How to wake up naturally (without turning to caffeine)

Being a parent is both the single most rewarding experience of a lifetime and the most exhausting. Some mornings you wake you and feel like you could still sleep for years. How do you make it through the day on little to no sleep without...

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How to bulk up on a vegan diet

There's a misconception that if you follow a vegan diet you’re unable to build muscle mass because you don’t get enough protein. We’re here to tell you that this isn’t true. You can still bulk up on a vegan diet–you just need to be creative about...

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Biohacking: Bulletproof coffee with a genetically high fat or caffeine sensitivity

You’re all about leveraging your strengths and turning weaknesses into opportunities for improvement. We’re able to help you further biohack your body by using your DNA. Here’s how you can use your DNAfit results to further biohack your...

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Demystifying food labels

We’ve reached a milestone and have made the decision to improve our lifestyle. But we’re met with one all-consuming question, ‘how can I be healthy after 50?

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How to enjoy a healthy St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day is on the 17th and that means fun and festivities on the weekend! Here's how to do it when you're still focused on keeping to your fitness and diet goals.

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