Should you eat the rainbow?

The rainbow refers to the rainbow colours of fruits and vegetables, but the question is should you get them all to make sure you’re staying at the peak of health.

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How to start training when you're over 60

Old age certainly doesn’t mean that you have to accept the inevitable physical decline and forget about working out forever.

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How to get lean and be happy with your body

Some people are born with it, while others don’t believe in the possibility, but there is a way for everyone to get lean and fit and live healthy with a body that they feel comfortable in. You may already be comfortable with how you look, and if...

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Health Food Hacks for Picky Eaters


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Improving your posture for a fitter life

We’ve heard and seen it all before…

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How To Burn Calories By Walking

Why is walking important?

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Healthiest Ways To Enjoy Easter

Just when you thought it was over, another holiday and weekend of excess returns to threaten your diet and your willpower, but you’re stronger than that, right?

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What to do when training in the heat

Summer is here and that means more opportunity to take your workout outside and into the sun, but there are also a few precautions to be aware of when you’re training in the heat. This is largely down to you losing more fluids through sweat, as...

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Everything About Gut Bacteria

What is gut bacteria?

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