Chronic diseases–the impact of lifestyle on our health

Chronic diseases related to our lifestyle choices often sneak up on us with no warning. Some of us are more likely to develop these illnesses than others. Your family history, food choices, exercise frequency, weight fluctuations and even your...

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4 deceptively healthy desserts

Dessert is sometimes a DO-NOT-DISCUSS, taboo topic when placed next to the other D word: DIET! If you’re reading this, you must have sweet-tooth tingles from time to time... Don't worry–many of us share your love of all things sugary and...

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Strength, Cardio and Body Composition

We look at the various effects that strength and cardio training have on your body and see if they are able to coexist in a fitness plan or if you must decide on a path and stick with it.

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What turned our heads at Balance Festival 2019

Well, what a weekend we had at Balance Festival. We absolutely loved meeting all of you and chatting about everything health, fitness and wellness. Our team from Balance have put together all of their favourite and most memorable parts of the...

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How to avoid overtraining (and optimise your health and performance)

Award-winning entrepreneur and founder of Bodyshot Performance Limited, Leanne Spencer, shares her top tips on how to identify and avoid overtraining.

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Overcoming gym intimidation

The gym can be an intimidating space, especially if you are the type of person who is struggling with body image issues. We’ve put together some helpful tips that will help you overcome your insecurities and become more confident in a gym...

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Biohacking: Bulletproof coffee with a genetically high fat or caffeine sensitivity

You’re all about leveraging your strengths and turning weaknesses into opportunities for improvement. We’re able to help you further biohack your body by using your DNA. Here’s how you can use your DNAfit results to further biohack your...

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How to enjoy a healthy St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day is on the 17th and that means fun and festivities on the weekend! Here's how to do it when you're still focused on keeping to your fitness and diet goals.

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