Strength, Cardio and Body Composition

We look at the various effects that strength and cardio training have on your body and see if they are able to coexist in a fitness plan or if you must decide on a path and stick with it.

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How to avoid overtraining (and optimise your health and performance)

Award-winning entrepreneur and founder of Bodyshot Performance Limited, Leanne Spencer, shares her top tips on how to identify and avoid overtraining.

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This is Spartan! Final checks for first timers

Life’s too short to learn only from our own experiences. And sometimes when the adventure-bug bites, we find ourselves wanting to try something new. If The World’s Best Obstacle Race is your ‘something new’, here’s some quick-fire expert advice...

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How to bulk up on a vegan diet

There's a misconception that if you follow a vegan diet you’re unable to build muscle mass because you don’t get enough protein. We’re here to tell you that this isn’t true. You can still bulk up on a vegan diet–you just need to be creative about...

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Overcoming gym intimidation

The gym can be an intimidating space, especially if you are the type of person who is struggling with body image issues. We’ve put together some helpful tips that will help you overcome your insecurities and become more confident in a gym...

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Getting DNAfit for the Marathon De Sables with Fiit founder, Ian McCaig

Ian McCaig, CMO and co-founder of the online training platform Fiit, is using his genetic results to gain a competitive edge in the upcoming Marathon Des Sables (MDS). The MDS, which has been called the toughest foot race on Earth, consists of...

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50 is the new 30 - it’s never too late to get in shape!

All our lives we’re told that “living is for the young” and that if you’re over 45, you’re over the hill. Popular culture deems “over 50’s” as obsolete as a discman or a dial-up internet connection. We’d like to let you know why turning 50 is not...

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9 active date ideas for Valentine's Day

Tired of the traditional “dinner and a movie”? Here's nine active date ideas that are more creative and WAY more exciting. Your sweetheart will never forget one of these unique dates! 

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