Super Athlete Ian McCaig is a DNAfit ChangeMaker!

Self-proclaimed Fitness Nut, Ian McCaig used DNAfit to work on his training and nutrition strategy for Marathon Des Sables 2019. This DNAfit ChangeMaker is Fiit founder and an all-round super athlete.

Who is Ian McCaig?

Ian McCaig is co-founder of the U.K-based company Fiit, which sets out to create interactive gym experiences, delivered via smartphones and internet-connected televisions. We call Ian a super athlete because he took on the toughest foot race on the planet and in his first attempt he came out 23rd out of 800+ entrants! Super sensational! 👏

Before Fiit, Ian spent 5 years at Google and 7 years as Founder and CMO of Qubit. Launched in April 2018 Fiit already has about 100,000 users. 

Ian McCaig’s Fiit team of exuberant trainers bring fitness into your home | DNAfit Blog

Ian McCaig’s Fiit team of exuberant trainers bring fitness into your home!

What is Fiit?

Fiit is a technology start-up leveraging data science, smart technology and the explosion of fitness influencers on social media. They are on a mission to revolutionise the fitness industry.

Ian believes the secret to maintaining a regular consistent exercise routine, is first and foremost: having fun! 🎉 

Fiit’s mission is to turn fitness from a chore to a habit and ultimately into a healthy addiction for the vast majority of people uninspired by current fitness options out there. 

If you’re beginning your journey in fitness, and need the extra motivation, tips, and advice on getting started, download our guide Fitness Hacks for Beginners. 

Download Fitness Hacks For Beginners to optimise your training

Ian McCaig and DNAfit 

The Marathon Des Sables (MDS) has been called the toughest foot race on Earth. It consists of six full-length marathons in six days - across some of the toughest terrains on the African continent. Ian’s latest challenge running the MDS, saw him as the 2nd Great Britain athlete to cross the finish line 250kms later! Ian embarked on this challenge with the dedication to succeed

Ian admits genetics is something he’s increasingly becoming more aware of. To help with his training and nutrition strategy for MDS he conducted a DNA test with us. Ian’s journey with DNAfit began when he needed to ‘up’ his training for this grueling challenge. He found the insights super useful to understanding his body better - in particular how his body reacted to different training methods and food groups.

Check out this video of Ian chatting to us about his journey with DNAfit.

He wanted to make sure that he was going to get his training absolutely spot on. He was most excited about discovering the insights in his report especially regarding his high risk of injury. It’s definitely made him want to add even more stretching and yoga as part of his training. 

DNAfit and Fiit

Another interesting thing he found from doing his test is how he applies the results found in the reports to his Fiit training. He found a new consideration of the type of classes, activities, and exercises he should be doing on FIIT after the test. The DNAfit test helped him structure his sessions so that his work-outs are more aligned with his body.

The good news is, this isn’t the last you’ll hear about Ian McCaig. We love Ian’s passion for fitness and his company so much so, that we've partnered with Fiit to give you personalised training plans that complement your natural body type—so you can achieve your fitness goals faster. 🙌 We offer Fiit services to our DNAfit family on our partner portal, to support their journey to better fitness. 



With DNAfitFiit, you're now able to tailor your workouts based on your genes. Access is conveniently available from your personal DNAfit Portal.


At DNAfit we don’t just give you your results, we’re actually invested in helping you reach your fitness goals. This is why Ian is such a special ambassador, his vision aligns with ours. 

If you’ve got a fitness challenge coming up and want to tighten the reins on your training, getting a DNA test can bring genetics insights that can help align you to your body’s unique needs. 

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