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Soma House Yoga

Training session with Soma House Yoga school

DNAfit recently visited SOMA House gym and yoga studio in Spitalfields, London. SOMA offers our professional product, Pro Fit, to their students to allow them to gain insight into their genetics to help them train and perform at their best.

DNAfit’s Product Manager, Louis Fawl lead a session to teach the students more about what DNAfit’s mission is, why it can be so beneficial in training and a bit about the science behind it. 

The students then received their results for the first time and shared their thoughts in discussion with the class. Some students got the results they expected, yet some were completely surprised. Louis went through and explained how the students could use their results to inform their training - explaining that if you’re more power than endurance, you should plan your training so that there's more emphasis on power-focused exercises.


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