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Should you eat breakfast to lose weight?

How do you get your day going?

With a big breakfast, or a small bite to eat?

Everyone has their own way, some people just don’t feel the need to eat a lot before they get their day going, while for others it’s pretty much an essential part of their day to ensure that they’re going to be able to work at full pace.

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But what does science say?

It has been suggested that eating a big breakfast can help promote weight loss due to you being fuller during the day, but let’s investigate if this is true.  

This all started when a study asserted that “daily breakfast is causally linked to higher physical activity thermogenesis in lean adults, with greater overall dietary energy intake but no change in resting metabolism. Cardiovascular health indexes were unaffected by either of the treatments, but breakfast maintained more stable afternoon and evening glycemia than did fasting.” For those who get lost a bit in the maelstrom of scientific jargon, eating breakfast will stabilise you throughout the day and is important when considering balancing meals throughout the day, but not eating breakfast won’t adversely affect those who want to lose weight.

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There has also been continued research into the origins of breakfast, and namely cereal, whereby the commercial interests of Kellogg’s and the introduction of cereal got the ball rolling and before long we were all told that cereals were fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. We now know that food fortification, from a Harvard study, does not provide people with the correct form of vitamins and minerals, and that you should get these from natural sources like fruits and vegetables or as a multivitamin.   

So, what does this mean for breakfast?  

Well, if people want to remain satiated during the day and not hungry, then definitely eat breakfast. This meal is essential to health, the thing is that it depends on what you consume as well. We’re not saying that breakfast is bad, just that it is not ‘the most important’ and skipping it isn’t such a big deal if you don't feel hungry in the morning.

A study in Canada found that whether you eat three or six meals a day, it won’t make a significant difference to weight loss, but eating three proper meals is important if you want to feel less hunger throughout the day.

Therefore, it isn’t all doom and gloom when it comes to breakfast.

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Breakfast gets your day started and affects how we perform physically and mentally. In the morning, eating will raise your energy levels and is necessary to restore blood glucose levels after sleep. With that mind, it’s really important to understand that every single meal that you eat throughout the day is important, and that you should focus on the quality of the food if you want to lose weight or gain muscle.

A balanced diet at every mealtime is imperative if you want to look and feel good so what should you eat for breakfast?

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If you really can’t get away from toast, then you should toast low-GI bread and include some form of protein – eggs are the popular choice. Off the bread? Well then you’ll be doing yourself a favour if you get Greek yoghurt and mix in fruits, nuts, muesli, and berries that’ll give you an energy boost that’s nutritious.

Your diet is very important as it complements your training and satiates your body with everything it needs to perform at its optimum level. If you aren’t sure of what to eat, then DNAfit’s nutrition report can assist with making recommendations that work and can improve your quality of life. Breakfast is an important meal but what’s best is to ensure that you get nutrients throughout the day and stick to an eating plan that works for you.

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