Shedding for the wedding | Fun couples workouts you can do at home

Getting ready to say “I do”? If so, you’re probably looking for easy ways to get in shape for the big day. Our sports scientists have put together a simple, at home couples training plan - because everything is more fun when you do it together. 

Congratulations! You’re getting hitched. Planning a wedding is both exciting and overwhelming. From wedding venues, to caterers, guest lists and seating plans you’ve probably got your hands full. That’s why we thought it would be helpful to eliminate one worry from your list: getting fit.

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Here’s a list of easy, fun couples exercises you can try at home

You don’t need any fancy gym equipment to do these exercises. All you need is your partner, about 30 to 45 minutes, some wedding motivation and a whole lot of love. Do this three to four times per week (starting at least six to eight weeks in advance) and both of you will be looking fit and fab on the big day.

Warm up exercises 

3 minute jumping jacks

Couple jumping jacks | DNAfit Blog

Stand facing each other with your feet shoulder width apart (palms to the side of your body). Jump out into a star position (with your feet wide and arms outstretched) and jump back into the starting position. Your partner will try to keep up and mirror your movements.

Shoulder taps 

Shoulder taps are a fun and child-like (yet effective) warm up exercise. You and your partner should try to tap each other’s shoulder, while blocking each other from touching your shoulder. For every successful shoulder tap, you get a point. The first person to reach eight points wins.

Now it’s time to get serious. Let the workout begin! 

Do each of these exercises for three sets.

Burpee to high five’s  (8 reps)

From standing, you and your partner will get down into a squat position with your hands on the floor. Kick back into a push up position, then tuck your knees back in to a squat position and jump up to double high five your partner’s hands while in the air.

Mirror alternating side lunges (20 reps)

Couple doing side lunges | DNAfit Blog

Face your partner, standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Step out sideways with one leg bending at the knee and your toes facing your partner. Return to starting position, then do the same with the other leg. Keep the same count as your partner.

High five push-ups (12 reps)

Beginners can do push-ups with knees bent.

Couple doing push-ups | DNAfit Blog

Face your partner. Get into push-up position. Make sure your hands are in line with your shoulders, your head, hips and ankles and lower your body by bending your elbow still maintaining a straight body position. Do not touch the ground. Straighten your arms to return to your starting position. For every rep, tap your partner’s hand, alternating hands each time (if you start with your right hand, your partner should also be using their right hand).

High five sit-ups (12 reps)

Couple sit-ups | DNAfit Blog

Lie on your back with knees bent (your partner will lie in the opposite direction). Keeping your feet in the same place you’ll lift your upper body with your hands straight. Your elbows should go over your bent knees to touch your partner’s hands.

Pistol squats holding hands (12 reps)

Couple pistol squats | DNAfit Blog

Stand face to face with your partner. Hold their hands for support, and lift one foot off the ground. Bend the lifted foot around the foot that’s in contact with the ground. Push your hips backwards and bend the knee of your supporting leg. Pay attention to your knee as it shouldn’t extend past your toe and return to standing position. Alternate repetitions with you partner.

Bent over row with partner lateral flies (12 reps)

Person doing the lateral flies - get into a push up position, ready for your partner to take hold of your ankles (as if you were about to do the wheelbarrow race at school). When your partner lowers your legs or completes a repetition lift your left arm out sideways so that it’s in line with your body and return to the starting position. Alternate arms as your partner does the next rep.

Person doing the bent over row - Standing in a quarter squat, with their upper body slightly bent over, chest out, back straight and arms straight. Take hold of your partners ankles and lift them. Pull your partners ankles up until your elbows are bent and return to the starting position.

Mirror pivots (20 reps) 

Standing in a staggered stance (one foot forward, one at the back) facing your partner, you’ll change stance by rotating your hips. Jump to switch feet (the one at the back will come forward and the front foot will go to the back). The trick is to do it simultaneously with your partner. Keep your hands in clenched fists, close to your jaw.

Congratulations, you survived your workout. Now it’s time to cool down

Ankle taps

Another fun exercise, is to try to touch your partner’s ankles, with them attempting to touch yours. Just like shoulder taps, move around, switch stance, and try to avoid getting touched on the ankles. The first one to get to eight ankle touches wins.

Remember, exercise is just one piece of the puzzle

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