Use your warm up wisely

For most of us, the need to warm up is two-fold: to enhance performance and prevent injury. Yet it’s often deemed a necessary evil. We all know it makes sense to raise your body temperature, increase your heart rate and circulation, loosen your...

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GPS - the tech that's changing the sports industry

Although many professional teams have used GPS devices during training to monitor training loads and the fitness levels of their players, the sport will now join a host of others including rugby, Australian and American football, allowing teams...

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Alcohol and Exercise – Will you jeopardise your training by drinking?

in medium to large amounts and in close proximity to training, yes more than likely! As always there is slightly more to consider. Alcohol (ethanol) is both a drug and a nutrient (providing 7 kcal per gram), however it is not an essential part of...

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How does it feel to go vegetarian for a month?

Our content writer Daniel volunteered to go meat-free for a month. Here's how he managed to cope and how it affected his everyday life and training.

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Genetics or training - what is the secret to becoming a star athlete?

Amongst all the records, achievements and scandals at Rio 2016, a small piece of history was written. Leila, Liina and Lily Luik from Estonia became the first identical triplets to compete against each other in a single event – the marathon. If...

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Top 3 tips to get back to your best after a sports injury

When it comes to sport injury recovery, there’s one thing you can give your body to guarantee its revival. It’s not an expensive supplement or a complex physiological technique to reduce fatigue and enhance performance. It’s time. To put it...

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Holmes Place health and fitness club now offers DNAFit to its members as the first and only club in Israel

Holmes Place – the leading chain of fitness clubs in Israel is announcing important news to health and fitness lovers: for the first time a new and advanced genetic test, for a tailored and precise nutrition plan, and a personalized training...

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Sports Science Review 2015 Part Two

Welcome back to my Sports Science Review of 2015, yesterday we looked at some of my favourite findings in sports science from this year. If you missed it, take a look here. Today we're rounding up, looking at the latest findings in these areas:...

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Sports Science Review 2015 Part One

Welcome to Part 1 of my review of the best sports science research in 2015. Note – by best, obviously I mean most interesting to me. Sports science is a large field, and can creep over into other disciplines also. Conducting a review on all the...

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