Londoners, eating a healthy meal out just got a whole lot easier!

Grab a genetically-matched meal at Vita Mojo using your DNAfit results. If you’re already a DNAfit customer, you can enter “DNA” at check out to get a 50% off your first Vita Mojo purchase. 

Did you know that by doing a DNA test for diet and exercise, you’re considered an early adopter? Being one of the first people take advantage of new technologies comes with several benefits... 

Celebrate the perks of being an early adopter

As an early adopter of genetic testing, you can now be a pioneer of personalised nutrition. Not only do you understand more about how your body responds to changes in diet and exercise, you’re able to use this information to live a healthier life. 

Andrew Steele (Olympic athlete and Head of Product at DNAfit), and Charley Gloerfelt (Marketing Director of Vita Mojo) discuss where the future of personalised nutrition is headed.

What is personalised nutrition and who are Vita Mojo?

Understanding your genetics is only useful if you can implement the results in your daily lives. However, it’s much easier to make healthy food choices at home - where you’re in control of the ingredients and quantities you cook with. Eating out can be a nightmare when you’re working hard to stick to a healthy meal plan. That’s the beauty of the DNAfit and Vita Mojo partnership - a bid to help make it easier for you to make healthier food choices on the go.

Vita Mojo is rapidly making a name for themselves as the ultimate disruptors to the foodservice industry. Generally menus have been centred around the price-points nutritional goal, however, everyone has a different nutritional requirement. We should not all be eating set meals. 

Charley believes that because everything about us as human beings is unique, we each have a different response to the food we consume and the nutrients we require. For example, a long distance runner will need different macronutrients to a weightlifter or boxer.

You’ll be able to choose exactly what you want and Vita Mojo will ensure that you’re enjoying a delicious, nutritious meal that has been personalised just for you.


How does it all work?

Linking your DNAfit and Vita Mojo accounts

Once your two profiles are linked, the next time you place your Vita Mojo order (both online and in-store) you will be able to see what menu items are good for your DNA.

As you scroll through the menu items each choice has an icon next to it. The green helix implies that the specific menu choice is better for your DNA, while these icons are here in order to help you make the more mindful choices they aren’t restrictive. You’ll still be able to enjoy whichever meal you want to. This is simply another tool that’ll help you action the insights you received from your DNAfit test.

Here’s a great step-by-step guide on how to set it up.

If you are an existing DNAfit user you can get up to 50% off your next genetically matched meal at Vita Mojo! 

“Vita Mojo have firmly wrapped their arms around this concept. Normally, when you go into their stores you make some quick selections from an iPad and they whip you up a meal. But, by integrating your DNAfit results, each menu item is flagged with either a green to a red Helix to donate the health benefit or risk associated with that product. Easy as that! 

That’s really cool. And healthy. And tasty.” - Simon Dean, VP of Brand at DNAfit.

Because the meals are bespoke, the ingredients lists don’t need to be as long, which leads to less overall wastage and a smaller global footprint. Not only is the restaurant making a difference to the way our bodies are fed, but they are also committed being a force for good to the environment as well.

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