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Inventive ways to use Christmas leftovers

After a massive dinner with family and friends, and everyone literally being stuffed, only able to lie on the couch lazily and absentmindedly watch television until the coma passes, it goes without saying that there will somehow, somehow, still be a significant amount of food left over.

But leftover food isn’t the issue, it’s what you do with it.

There’s no use in throwing away perfectly good food so unless you’re going to give it to someone less fortunate than yourself then try a few inventive ways of turning leftovers into tasty meals that will keep you going while you’re too lazy to do anything else but vegetate.

Create a Salad

Salads are easy to make, delicious, and healthy.

If you really want to ensure that your meal prep doesn't take a lot of time and that you use all of your leftovers, then salads are the best option due to their versatility and quickness.

Add all your leftover vegetables and if you want to pack it with protein then there’s no stopping you from adding chicken, salmon, or even some lean turkey into it as well to give you all the nutrients you need.

Make it into Soup

Soup is another great way to reuse food and still have it tasting amazing.  

Soups are also popular because you can add a few vegetables into the mix with your chicken and make a whole lot of food for everyone.

What makes it so versatile is that you don’t even have to drink the soup. Often you’ll find that people dip bread into the soup and get all the flavours in one go. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, repurpose those leftovers over a pot of boiling hot liquid to fight the cold.

Prepare Sandwiches

This one’s a winner.

Whether you’re a fan of toasted sandwiches or just slapping some of the Christmas gammon on two slices of bread and adding any extra toppings you fancy, the humble sandwich is a quick and easy way to devour leftovers and is a tried and tested afternoon snack.

The best thing about sandwiches, other than being easy to prepare, is that you can make a whole lot of them for multiple people all at once and it won’t mean spending a lot of time away from the couch. You can also pick your bread and toppings and choose to go as healthy as you want.

Add It to Pasta

Even though it’s not necessarily a traditional Christmas meal, there’ll more than likely be a pasta on the Christmas table that won’t be finished.

But don’t despair, this means that there’s more for you the next day.

Pasta takes fantastic, and is perfectly fine to have the next day, and you can either heat it up or keep it cooled and add any extra leftovers to it. Just don’t engorge yourself on the carbs or else you’ll find yourself taking an early nap.

Turn Your Potatoes into Chips

Here’s a fun idea…

With all those leftover potatoes not looking as appetising the day after, than when they were sat steaming on the tray the night before, why not try your hand and chopping them up and giving them a makeover?

Everybody loves chips and by simply cutting up your leftover potatoes and putting them back into the oven until they’re golden brown you’ll, voila, have succeeded in adding a side dish to everyone’s leftover lunchtime snack.

Food Bowls are Your Friend

Food bowls have really gained a lot of popularity in the last few years, and this is because they’re just as easy-to-make, and consume, as anything else out there.

If you’re sat staring at your leftovers not wanting to have to eat the same boring turkey sandwich, then why not create something new with a whole array of leftovers that looks spunky and tastes brand new?

The options with leftovers are endless, and we expect that might even have some of your own special techniques when it comes to making the most of them. So, why not tell us what you’re planning on doing with your Christmas leftovers and we’ll share it with our community!

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