Introducing Changemaker Eilish McColgan: Taking on Tokyo 2020

Eilish McColgan is making waves globally. This sensational Scottish athlete is heading for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and is our latest DNAfit ChangeMaker.

Who is Eilish McColgan?

Eilish McColgan is a Scottish middle-distance athlete who competes in the 1500m, 5000m and 10,000m. She holds the title of British 5000 metre Champion after taking gold at the British Championships this summer.

She has even represented Team GB at two Olympic games and is currently preparing for Tokyo 2020! Last weekend Eilish achieved a new Personal Best (PB) at the World Athletics Championships in Doha! She finished the very competitive 5000 metre final in just 14.46 minutes! We are very excited to follow Eilish’s journey to Tokyo 2020.

Eilish McCoglan and DNAfit

Eilish is our latest DNAfit Ambassador alongside fellow Olympians, Andrew Steele and Greg Rutherford. As Eilish is an endurance athlete it might come as a shock to some people that Eilish’s DNAfit results showed that her training response was 63% power to 37% endurance!


However, this was not a shock to Eilish. As over the years, through trial and error, Eilish has found that high quality training efforts rather than really slow endurance runs were more beneficial on her performance. This type of training is unusual for a distance runner but it works really well for her.

As a child, Eilish didn’t pay much attention to healthy eating or diet. After seeing her DNAfit nutrition report, she discovered she has a raised need for vitamin B & omega-3’s. She now feels that if she had known this sooner and had taken her nutrition more seriously she would’ve experienced less heartbreak as a result of injuries and illnesses.

The road to running

Eilish became addicted to running when she competed in a race during PE at school. But it hasn’t always just been running! Eilish tried all sorts of events including high jump and javelin. She even confessed that she was reluctant to compete in the events! She much preferred the 800-metre races but her coach eventually convinced her otherwise. 

Eilish McColgan’s running coach

Eilish is coached by her mother Liz McColgan who is a 10,000 metres World Champion and Olympic silver medalist!  Whilst Eilish definitely has the genes for greatness, there are more differences between the Mother-Daughter Olympic duo than you might have first thought.

Liz and Eilish McColgan running track | DNAfit BlogLiz McColgan and Eilish McColgan: Great British runners, mother-and-daughter, and champions!

Over on Instagram, Eilish said “63% Power.🏋 🔘37% Endurance.🏃 - whilst my mum was the complete opposite way around! I respond better to quality over quantity, which is reflective in my training over the last few years. With my mum being a natural endurance animal! 🐎”


Want to personalise your training like Eilish?

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