Health Trends for 2019

The new year is only a couple of days away and everyone is preparing to make 2019 their best year yet. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the health trends you can look out for over the next 12 months. These may even give you some inspiration when planning your New Year’s resolutions. 

Trends today are almost impossible to predict. With social media at the helm, and hungry entrepreneurs always looking to revolutionise the landscape in which we live in (especially in the health and fitness world), there’s no telling with certainty what we can expect in 2019.

However, we’ve done a little digging and used our own experience of being one of the most forward-thinking and innovative companies in the market, to delve deep into the industry and pick out what we feel is going to be big in the new year.


Fitness trends in 2019

Flexibility in training schedules (minimum input for maximum output)

Get ready to ditch regular “prescribed” workout routines for training on your terms. This means training when you want to, how you want and for as long as you want to train. People want personalised training plans in order for their workouts to work for them.

For this reason, 2019 will see an increasing demand for:

  • Shorter workouts
  • On-demand training
  • At-home training

Many of us don’t have the time to juggle work, life and training all at once. Which is why we’re choosing workouts that give us the best results in the shortest space of time, whether at home or at the gym. Welcome to the HIIT (high intensity interval training) era - it’s intense, sweaty and messy but it gets the job done and the results are impressive.


Multi-functional machines and workouts

In the same vein, workouts and machines that do everything at once are becoming increasingly popular. Fitness and training is important for everyone - we need to stay fit and exercise if we want to live longer and enjoy life to its fullest. But, we want fitness to adapt to our lifestyles; no the other way around.

Machines that activate a variety of muscle groups, and workouts and classes that speak to the entire body will be in high demand in 2019. Watch this space!


Interactive fitness classes

The Internet is king - even in the fitness industry. Gone are the days when you had to fit in with a personal trainer’s schedule to access professional, personalised fitness advice and training programmes. With online applications that can be downloaded to your smartphone, companies such as FIIT and DNAfit’s Elevate platform are changing the game.

Here, you decide on the workouts you want to do, the training method, and get taught by some of the leading fitness professionals whenever and wherever you want.  

Sustainable activewear

You may have noticed a number of football teams (including Manchester United and Juventus) have released a separate kit that’s made from recyclable materials, and the rest of the industry is following suit.

Companies like Peak and Flow are contributing to sustainability in the fitness industry by providing people with clothing that’s made from recyclable plastic. Not only will you be “doing your part”, but soon this clothing will be the norm - and you’ll have been ahead of the trend.


Diet and nutrition trends in 2019 

Sustainable eating

Until now, nutrition has been about our health and the nutrients that we get from our food. However, a close second in 2019 is going to be sustainability and looking after our environment. People are realising the impact that we have on the environment (especially in food production and consumption). Fortunately there is something that everyone can do to create a better future for generations to come - and that is becoming aware of what we eat.

Sustainable eating means:

  • Eating fewer animal products (e.g. only eating meat once or twice per week)
  • Buying organic produce
  • Buying in bulk
  • Reducing your wastage (e.g. donating food)
  • Recycling food (e.g. composting)

Not only will you be doing your bit to protect the natural world, but you’ll also find that your attitudes in general will change. You’ll be more conscious of the way you spend money, the way you act and how positive energy can always filter out into the world creating positive change.


Plant-based food

Plant-based foods aren’t only for vegans anymore. The makers of these delicacies have been working tirelessly to show people that plant-based food it’s negative connotations are all wrong. It can actually taste amazing when done right.

What we’re seeing is a shift in mindset. Alternative foods are also understated in their ability to feed communities that do not have the same access to food as others. By creating new ways in which food can be eaten and new ways of eliciting taste from plant-based foods, it could revolutionise our diets and the food industry as we know it.



Biohackers have known about the benefits of nootropics for some time. This does not only include supplements that can boost your mental and physical performance but also foods that have been identified as having the same impact.

One better known example is Bulletproof Coffee that has taken the world by storm. It’s said to give adherents to it an advantage over everyone else in their quest for immortality and vitality. In 2019, we’ll see more people leveraging nootropics to their advantage and placing importance preventing disease rather than only curing it.

Nutrition apps

Our smartphones house everything we need to organise our lives. From Whatsapp to Tinder, Instagram to Reddit, we use apps to forge a connection with the world and develop our identity. But, what happens when people want an even more personalised experience? Well, nutrition apps are going to be big in 2019.

We even launched our own app recently to cater for this experience. With nutrition apps, your food choices are guided by your preferences. You get everything from recipes to meal plans and calorie counters and so much more. This is where the future is going, and it’s all available at the touch of button.


Personalised eating

Genetic science and nutrigenomics (what we do at DNAfit) is the future of nutrition. When we started, our mission was to change the way everyone saw fitness and nutrition - replacing the one-size-fits-all approach with personalised advice that spoke to you as an individual. We didn’t expect such a surge in the industry so quickly, but here we are - 2019 is the year of personalisation.

Now, even restaurants are adopting the trend - allowing people to customise their meals.The UK-based restaurant chain, Vita Mojo, offers this at an even deeper level, by creating meals for its customers that are linked to their genetic results (such as optimal diet types, and individual micronutrient needs). This is the next step in the genetic journey. We see people finally viewing themselves as individuals and in need of meals that are right for their body’s unique genetic makeup.

Get Diet Fit - a personalised nutrition plan for those trying to eat better to live better. 

Get Diet Fit 

Mental health and wellbeing trends in 2019

The importance of mindfulness and sleep

There’s a cultural shift towards acknowledging the importance of mental health. The modern workforce is burning the candle at both ends and people are desperately seeking the ever illusive work-life balance. We’re all looking for a way to slow down and enjoy life amidst all of our responsibilities.

In 2019, we’ll see a cultural shift placing even more of a premium on our mental health and wellness, as stress is one of the key drivers of disease. There will be a major focus on stress management and reduction through things like mindfulness, yoga and better sleep hygiene. You can expect to see people actively making time for self care activities (such as healthy eating, exercise and meditation), and looking to spend less time with technology and more time with family and friends.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, we simply cannot predict what 2019 will look like, but what we can guarantee is the rapid change in mindset. The world is shifting towards personalisation and innovative companies are realising the need for a more manageable and sustainable outlook with regards to people’s health.


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