Hacks To Optimising Your Day Based On Your DNA (Part 1)

Due to COVID-19, our team at DNAfit has had the privilege to work from home for the past 7 months. Our team members have been using this as an opportunity to implement some of the results that came out of their DNA tests so they can continue to live a DNAfit life to maintain good health and fitness. 

They take advantage of their genetic insights to fuel and plan out a productive day inspired by their results. 

We will start with Hillly, our Senior Marketing Manager who’s been optimising her day through the lens of her genetic makeup. Follow her journey to see how she combines her genes + working from home = balanced life. Maybe her experience could inspire you to do the same.

Her life is all about balance - keeping a consistent routine and doing everything in moderation to help Hilly get through the day. Even when things don’t go according to plan, she’s still able to stay calm and take the pressure in her strides. 

How does she do it, you may ask?

Morning routine


Reducing the caffeine intake

Many of us often just mindlessly have a lot of coffee throughout the day without thinking too hard about its impact on our bodies, nor considering whether we even need that second cup. We are not intentional about our coffee consumption habits. But have you ever thought for a moment about how many cups your body can actually absorb based on your genetic makeup without creating disturbances in your body? 

Our Senior Marketing Manager used to love her caffeine because she thought it kept her going throughout the day, but soon realised that she was going against her DNA.

“I now only have 1 caffeinated coffee a day because I discovered that I am a slow metaboliser of caffeine, which means I needed to cut down. To metabolise the caffeine, it was best to have my coffee pretty early in the day. 

But this was also important when I realised that as a night owl, that 1 cup of coffee first thing in the morning became important as I always find it really hard to wake up without caffeine! This means I get to balance my lifestyle and my health needs” Hilly.

Being a ‘night-owl’ who also has early mornings often throws other people off, but not Hilly. According to her DNA results, she’s a ‘neutralist’ when it comes to how she manages stress - this means she’s still able to cope after a late night that’s followed by an early morning because she can genetically manage well under stress or pressure situations. 

Incorporate a workout

Moving your body is important. Hilly does workout sessions throughout her day so she doesn't spend it sitting the whole time. This also gives her a chance to get away from her screen and practice some ‘me-time’

“I do a workout first thing to help shake off my sleepy-ness. Due to being a night owl, I tend to do more vigorous workouts in the morning, like running and High intensity training (HIIT). I find that if I do a HIIT class too late in the day, I'm filled with too much energy and then I can't sleep later on!” Hilly. 

Planning the day ahead..

For Hilly, mornings are a bit slow. The first half of the day is spent gearing herself up for the second half of the day when she reaches the peak of productivity. 

I like to make sure I plan my day, I usually spend a couple of hours clearing my email inbox in the morning so I can focus on more challenging tasks in the afternoon, as that is when I feel most focused” Hilly. 

Afternoon routine 

This is the busiest and most productive time of day for Hilly. Most of her work is done in the afternoon. 

image (2)

Consistent meal-times

She keeps a consistent routine, including when she eats. Making sure to always eat her healthy lunch meals at midday. 

“I focus on eating a big salad full of greens and protein. My current go to is made up of something like: lettuce, spinach, homemade tabbouleh salad, carrots, peppers, avocado & then protein - usually salmon as I have a raised need for Omega 3s. I try to avoid eating too many carbs at lunch as my optimal diet type is low carb & they can make me feel really full and tired” Hilly.

Evening routine 

“I reserve the more relaxing workouts like yoga or mindful walking for my evening routine because they help my body wind down as I get ready to end the day” Hilly. 


Workouts like these force her to slow down, be more mindful and let her reduce the anxieties that might have accumulated throughout the day. It allows her to be more present after a long day, and reconnect with her mind and body. It also improves the quality of her sleep, especially for a night-owl. 

After her final workout of the day, it's dinner time. I always have my dinner early and keep it as light as possible in order to not be too full when I go to sleep. I have a bath & do a face mask while listening to a podcast or audio book to ease my mind into a relaxed, sleep mode” Hilly. 

If you haven't taken a DNA test yet, it's not too late. We have one for every fitness and health goal. If your focus is on Diet and Nutrition, you get your hands on DietFit to genetically shape up your meals. But if you're looking for a holistic approach to both health and fitness, Healthfit is the kit for you. 


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