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Forecasted nutrition trends in 2018

Every year we’re faced with a whole host of new and interesting things we should, and shouldn’t, be eating in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In essence, the only true thing that you need to know is that if you maintain a balanced diet and cut out processed and fast foods then you should be good.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t new nutrition trends that you’ll be seeing in 2018. These range from foods that you should try, to ones you should definitely include, and others that you’ll be seeing more of in different shapes and forms at stores and restaurants.

Here’s what we think 2018 will be “big on”…


The new buzzword this year is…


Woman in skincare | DNAfit BlogAnd everyone is talking about it.

In essence, it is a main component in nearly all of the body’s tissue and is important when it comes to skin, body health and ageing. And it has so many more benefits: boosting metabolism, strengthening tissue, hair, nails and teeth, improving liver health, and protecting your heart are just a few ways that collagen can benefit you.


Mushrooms are going to be popular is 2018 for a whole host of reasons. Namely because they’re really healthy and contain the antioxidant selenium, alongside other vitamins and minerals that are good for you. You may have also seen that a lot of today’s veggie burgers are made with mushrooms too!

Another reason is due to their versatility.

Plated mushrooms | DNAfit Blog

Although they always need to be cooked, mushrooms can be added to salads and bowls, eaten on their own as a snack, or used to give your normal meal some variety in not only vitamins but also flavour. With sustainability always being the focus, mushrooms that are grown easily and can be sourced all over are going to be a hit in 2018.

Food Powders

You’ve probably heard of moringa, acai, and even baobab powder being widely recognised as a variation of “superfoods”. Although we’re not into labelling a food as “super”, there is definitely value to be found in these powders.

Moringa powder | DNAfit Blog

They’re popular due to the fact that they are easily consumed and can be added to give your meal a boost, rather than having to eat the actual fruit or vegetable. Yes, it is always important to get your vitamins and minerals from natural sources, usually from the plant, but with everyone wanting to add to their smoothies, food powders can add another layer to your diet.


The consumer is becoming smarter, and because of this the food industry has had to re-align itself to that mindset and provide all of us with the proper transparency that is needed.

But this isn’t only the job of the industry. Because we are getting smarter, we predict that we’ll be seeing a spike in how people read and understand food labelling for instance, noticing the products inside of everyday foods that we are not meant to have, and with that information we will be able to make wiser choices.

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High tech veganism

Gone are the days of people who want to go vegan moaning and groaning about having to eat “rabbit food” all day and being deprived of great tasting food choices. Veganism is no longer seen as a restrictive diet, but rather a way of life. And now technology is making it easier for people to adopt.

There are many reasons for people going vegan. Perhaps they feel bad about the animals, or their carbon footprint, but it can’t be denied that it is indeed more sustainable to focus on a plant-based diet, rather than one that harms your ecosystem. And now, vegan burgers taste like actual burgers, and there are a variety of options readily available right next to the usual run of the mill foods that are vegan friendly, all due to the growth of people using their change in mindset to make going vegan easy.

Avocado Oil

Everyone loves avo…

It’s safe to say that the avocado, although also very healthy, is one of the most popular and trendy foods to eat. It has a different texture, looks appetising, and is in high demand. But now in 2018 you can prepare for something new.

Avocado and Avocado oil | DNAfit Blog

You may have heard of coconut oil and how good it is for you, and it makes us wonder why it has taken so long for people to extract the oil out of avocado. But the wait is over, this is the new frontier in food oils for you to try.


Nootropics are closely associated with biohacking and the quest to hack our own selves in order to optimise the way that we live.

Conceptually, it is out there because it challenges people to rethink how they approach life, in order to take on a new, better form. But why is this a nutrition trend?

Well, because nootropics, whether natural or engineered, are dedicated to the health of your brain, and there are a lot of foods that help you achieve this. Prepare for a host of supplements to be introduced focused specifically on improving the health of your brain, and, in turn, your life.

Traditional medicine

People want natural, enough said. It is not to say that they do not trust the doctor, or anything as asinine as that, but they would also prefer to find a natural way to maintain their health over a long period of time.

Herbs in a bowl | DNAfit Blog

In 2018, we are seeing a re-acceptance of the value of traditional medicine and how it can optimise our lives. And with that, the renewed discovery of natural sources that can be used to boost our health, rather than being dependent on pharmaceuticals alone. There is science that backs up the healing qualities of traditional medicine, and people are ready to turn to those.   

Fermented Foods

For the benefit of our gut health, fermented foods can provide us with a host of vitamins and minerals that we may not be getting from our regular diet. We already know how important probiotics are, and fermented foods are in actual fact probiotic in their nature because of the process that they go through when they are made. 

Fermented foods | DNAfit Blog

Examples of foods that you may find yourself eating are miso, tempeh, kefir, and natto that will boost your health and help your gut to be where it needs to be. We are slowly seeing the value of bacteria in our diets that operate in unison with the processes in our bodies and 2018 is the year that this could explode.

Plant-based diets

Yes, we know that we’ve discussed veganism already but this is something different…

By plant-based diets, we mean that in 2018 we will probably be seeing even more substitutes for regular foods such as noodles that are made from plants and offer more nutritional value.

Through a few simple substitutions you will be getting vegetables into your diet without having to actually eat vegetables, which is a sticking point for many people. These derivatives taste great and will make you feel good, so no harm in that!

And that’s 2018 for you!

Sure, there’ll be a few more trends that pop up that people attach onto but whether you’re into them or not, be prepared for some big advances in the world of nutrition in 2018.

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