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Eat these foods for a mood boost

Feeling down is not an uncommon emotion for anyone but it’s better to be energetic and happy, isn’t it? Well, unless you’re somehow holding onto the remnants of the long since deposed scene kids then it’s safe to say that feeling good and being ready to face every single day head-on like a shark is something we should all aim to do.

Feeling good comes from a place that is as diverse and unique as you are, but one way to improve your mood is to eat right. A healthy, balanced diet can change the way we all see the world and we have explained why this is.

Selenium in Brazil Nuts

If you want to improve your mood then a scientifically proven way to do so would be to eat Brazil nuts. The selenium in Brazil nuts has been shown to elevate your mood while decreasing overall anxiety. 

Omega 3 in Salmon

Omega 3 has gained immense popularity in the past few years and that’s because it’s good for your brain, among other things. The fact that it is good for your brain makes it only logical that your mental state and mood would improve when you eat foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids such as salmon and avocado. 

B Vitamins in Bananas 

If you are feeling lethargic and struggling to get into things then it may be because you aren’t getting enough B vitamins, which are associated with energy levels. Making sure you include bananas in your diet will give you more energy to train and do day-to-day tasks and with more energy you’ll spend less time wallowing in misery and more time getting “up and at ‘em”. 

Stable Blood Glucose from Lentils

Do you ever feel a bit on edge or shaky during the day? Like you are overwhelmed and unable to perform at your optimum? It may be because your blood glucose levels are unstable due to poor nutrition. Instead of loading up on sugar, rather try natural food sources such as lentils that will help stabilise your blood glucose levels. 

Dark Chocolate

Ask anyone who dabbles in the “dark arts” of sneaking in chocolates and they’ll whisper how it makes them feel great. It’s no secret that people indulge in chocolate at times when they’re feeling low but dark chocolate has, in fact, been proven to boost your mood and have healthy benefits.

Serotonin in Asparagus

For mood, there is a lot of talk about the role that serotonin plays in mood regulation and a way to promote the release of this is to consume foods with tryptophan. One of the best plant-based sources of this can be found in asparagus so start munching.

Eggs have Iron, Protein, and B Vitamins

What do you think of when you hear rise and shine? Is it eggs frying in the morning next to a piece of toast and your morning coffee? Even the smell of eggs makes us feel good because we wouldn’t eat anything first thing in the morning when we’re still a bit groggy that didn’t give us a little oomph. Iron, protein, and B vitamins (to name a few) are nutrients found in eggs so make it a tradition!

Caffeine in your Morning Coffee

This may be a bit of a cop out but speak to anyone and they’ll tell you that they just can’t get their day going without their morning coffee. It is essential to most people who get up early for work and is the most highly consumed stimulant on the planet. It’s no secret that, even though the boost is temporary, coffee is life.  

Antioxidants in Berries


Antioxidants are necessary for a healthy diet and one of the best ways to get them is to eat foods that have deep colours such as purple and red. Which means, berries! They’re also associated with better promotion of dopamine that is what is released when we feel good. Put two and two together and the value of them and happiness is clear.

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