DNAFit Appoint Dr Silvia Camporesi

DNAFit is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Silvia Camporesi to the DNAFit Scientific Advisory Board as External Advisor for Bioethics. A highly respected figure within the field of bioethics, Dr. Camporesi will play a key role in advising best practice on how DNAFit will execute and communicate its consumer genetics messaging and product innovations, at a time when consumers are faced with confusion when choosing between direct-to-consumer genetic products in a market with inconsistent levels of regulation


A tenured Lecturer at King’s College London, Dr. Camporesi arrives with an interdisciplinary background in medical biotechnologies, ethics and philosophy. She currently directs the Masters in Bioethics and Society within the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine.

Her role at DNAFit will see her act as a key advisor for the leading health and fitness genetics brand, at an exciting time in the company’s development. Reporting directly into the Scientific Advisory Board, she will bring a wealth of knowledge across the latest bioethics research, which will be applied to all levels of direct-to-consumer genetic testing provided by DNAFit.

With the brand already leading the industry in terms of self-regulation and research, evidenced by the brand’s commitment to their established Code of Conduct, the arrival of Dr. Camporesi further embeds DNAFit’s credentials in this space. Her remit will include influence on the nature and execution of key consumer products, as well as a focus on published studies from a perspective of bioethics.

Silvia Camporesi, External Advisor for Bioethics, DNAFit said:

“I’m very excited to be working with the innovative team at DNAFit. Technological advances of recent years have created revolutionary changes to the way people can understand themselves through the new industry of direct-to-consumer genetic testing. This is a market rich with potential, but it is of critical importance to ensure the most rigorous standards of bioethics possible are being applied. To that end, by sharing my knowledge and research as part of the outstanding team already in place, I aim to help DNAFit remain a market leader in upholding the highest bioethical standards as it continues to deliver outstanding products and services to its customers.”


Avi Lasarow, CEO, DNAFit said;

“We are delighted to be working with Dr. Silvia Camporesi, a world-class mind in the field of bioethics, and an extremely important hire for the business. Her appointment comes at a time when direct-to-consumer genetic testing is more accessible than ever. This is something we welcome in principle, however we strongly believe as a brand that it is critical not only to champion self-regulation of our industry, but to ensure we are always looking to increase our expertise and knowledge in this vital area.”

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