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Ditch the Wine Hide the Chocolate and Do Something to Really Get Your Partners Heart Racing This Valentines Day

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is a perfect time for a romantic dinner and an evening alone with your significant other. But, as may be aware, dinner followed by alone time is a regular occurrence for most couples so this Valentine’s Day we’re challenging you to do something a little more interesting, and challenging, for the both of you. Because the thought of staying in again for the umpteenth time should make you cringe – especially when there’s so much more you could be doing. So, without further ado, we give you our ideas for an active Valentine’s Day.


Walk the dog

Starting slow and simple. A lazy walk through the suburbs, or in a park will not only make it the best day ever for your furry friend, but will also give you time to chat, make a few jokes, and get out in the open, exploring and having fun.


Rent a boat on the lake

Take the one you love outdoors and treat them to a relaxing ride on a local lake where you can row away to a secluded spot underneath the willows and gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes for hours on end. You’ll get the chance to take turns and during moments where you go a little off course it’ll stir a little hilarity for those light-hearted moments no one else has to know about.



You may need to drive a little out of the city, but a spontaneous road trip never hurt anyone. Try not to pick anything too challenging, unless you’re that way inclined, and while you find pretty stones and a shady area where you can rest and picnic you’ll also have an opportunity to get a pretty good workout. It’s a win-win really.


A gym session

You’ve been wanting to work out together, but your schedules never seem to be in tune, which is ok, you don't have to spend every waking second with your partner. But now’s your chance to have a little gym session together, show off your progress, and check who really has been working hard over the past few months.


One-on-one sports

For those inclined to be a little sportier, tennis is a one-on-one sport that’s easy to do and makes for a fun day out. If you want something that gets you closer together then another option is miniature golf. It doesn't take too much time, allows you to be competitive, and there’s always the option for you to correct stroke play.



Running is the ultimate phenomenon of fads because it will never die. You’ll be getting fitter, and it ranges in intensity according to your fitness levels, but at the root of everything it’s simply a great bonding activity that’ll have you hot and sweaty when you eventually arrive back for a shower that’s quite literally hot.



If you’ve never gone geocaching then it’s something you should try at least once, and what better day to do it than on Valentine’s Day when you want to spend the entire day together. It’s an adventure challenge for the new kids where you use an app and the GPS on your phone to locate hidden packages all over the city, while leaving your own present for the next geocachers. It’s fun, you never know what you’re going to get, and it puts your skills to the test as you explore your city and find weird and wonderful treasures.


Horse Riding

If you know how to ride a horse then this is a little more fun, but even if you’re a novice it’s an intimate outing that allows you to see your partner’s sensitive side towards these beautiful beasts while trotting over the plains as the sun sets moodily across the horizon. After an exhilarating ride, you can escape for sundowners and share an experience you won’t easily forget any time soon.



Nothing gets the heart racing like an intense lesson with your partner where you learn how to dance the salsa together. It doesn't matter if you’re flat-footed or John Travolta-esque maestro, you’ll get to see each other in action and if it really isn’t working out you’ll have a good laugh. If a lesson isn’t for you, there’s always the option of going out for a dinner followed by a slow dance to a band with a backdrop of candlelight. You’ll feel that connection, fingers clasped, nestled in an embrace.

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