Biohacking and our health

Have you heard?

There’s something new underfoot to revolutionise your life, something that speaks to your mind, body and soul…

It’s called biohacking.

Biohacking has to do with two things: how we freely engage with science and biology like DNA and genetics and the impact of what we put in our bodies and how we interact with the world around us.

Biohacking is also to do with a proactive approach to lifestyles that have become too sedentary and average. There seems to be a change coming on in the wind and we reckon that sometime soon that hard rain’s gonna fall.

It’s not innovative, it’s groundbreaking…

It’s an exploration into the ways in which average people can harness and take control of their lives in order to become super-humans, that’s becoming realised by more people who believe in personalisation and customisation. A movement away from settling, and rather always aiming to achieve a higher potential.

It doesn't shrink away and put on a tin foil hat when brand new technologies come out, rather, it embraces new technology as a means of optimising the human experience, improving real world interaction. 

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Today, we’ve seen the rise of technologies such as fitness trackers that keep progress and development in check, monitoring everything from exercise and diet to sleeping patterns. Without even knowing it, biohacking has gone commercial and everyone wants a piece of it – learning more through mining their own personal data.

Having all this data at our fingertips leads us to test, compare and experiment until the bespoke, personalised methods of reaching your human potential and beyond are discovered.

The fitness and nutrition industry is an example of a billion-dollar industry that has embraced biohacking…

Here, at DNAfit, we offer people the opportunity to discover what their genes say about the way they should be training and eating – and with this information people are instilled with confidence, empowered to finally achieve their goals.

But why is biohacking important?

Well, personalisation and taking control of your own life, of course.

For too long we, as humans, have waited to get ill or out of shape and then seek out cures and answers but we don’t have to be that way anymore.

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Preventative health care is the latest trend where people are caring about being proactive about their health and it is this proactivity that has bled into the world at large.

With all the technology already mentioned, we all have the ability to reclaim our lives and use our own personal data to make personal choices. If we know so much about ourselves then what’s the point of still being reliant on other people to tell us how to live our lives and reach our potential?

Simply put, we can do it all on our own.

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Biohacking is about using everything at your disposal to increase your human performance. It’s selfish, but in the sense that you care about yourself. Fact is, biohackers around the world are motivating more and more people every day to improve, to know themselves, to take control. Biohackers have also been known to utilise nootropics, drugs thought to increase performance of the mind, body and soul – a pill not so dissimilar to the one used in “Limitless”, without the Hollywood storyline.

Biohacking is fast becoming a trend that many people are taking to as they continue to search for meaning, while making the most of their time on Earth. They live in the moment because the present is all that we have, in order to create a better future.

And lastly, in case you weren’t aware, it speaks of always being grateful for your life, while acknowledging your achievements thus far, reaffirming your value and worth.

To help you biohack every aspect of your health get Health Fit.

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