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Am I Normal - Aerobic Trainability

Late last year, we shared information with you about the results of a large scale analysis of 17,000 customer results we carried out, and in that article, we focused on the power-endurance algorithm, which places individuals on a scale of 0 to 100 in terms of the power score. What we found was that there was no “normal” score, in that the results were highly scattered, although the data did essentially have a “normal” distribution, with more extreme values less common. 

Since then, many of you have asked about what “normal”, or more common, results are for the other sections of our report. Here, things are a bit different; instead of placing you on a scale of 0 to 100, we place you into groups (or in statistics terms, buckets) based on your genetic results.

For the aerobic training aspect of our report, these groups are Very Low, Low, Medium, High and Very High. To see how common each group score was, we analysed the same data for the frequency of each group, shown on the below graph:


Aerobic trainability types


When it comes to aerobic potential, we see that the most common score is medium, which 57.3% of people had. This isn’t a surprise, as it represents the “average” score; as such we would expect the majority of people to have this score. The next most common is “high”, with 26% of the samples hitting this category, then low, with 11.8%. The categories very high and low were relatively uncommon, with just fewer than 5% of samples being in the very high category, and just 7 samples (0.04%) being in the very low category.

Again, this tells us that there is no “normal”, although there are more common results; in this case, more than half of people have a score of medium. As always, this underscores the importance of personalised training, as a generalized, one-size fits all approach will likely lead to different improvements based on these scores. That’s why, at DNAfit, we’re committed to giving you the information required to make changes to your training, in order to meet your health and fitness goals!

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