A move to personalised dieting

At the end of last year a study was conducted on people by Eran Segal and Eran Elinav of the Weizmann Institute of Science that confirmed what we at DNAfit already know; there is no one-size-fits-all approach to dieting and weight loss.

Does the one size fits all approach apply to what we eat?

We suspect that you’ve known this all along as well. No matter how many times diets proclaim to be the answer and the all-encompassing Holy Grail you have been searching for to finally lose that weight or gain optimal nutrition and health, you still have your preferences. And it isn’t only about taste. Some foods just don’t work for you. And why should they? You’ve got your own personal taste in music that makes you move, sports that excite and motivate you and people that you’re, sometimes irrationally, attracted to. What you eat and the reaction it causes in your body should be no different.

For two years DNAfit has been getting personal with your fitness and nutrition. We know that the days of thinking that one thing will work for everyone are the past and that the future is discovering what your genes say.

In today’s world, scientific breakthroughs about what we know about the world are constantly occurring. That’s why diets come in fads and are either accepted or rejected. Eventually, the diet is only good for a certain amount of time before it expires and a new one arrives based on new science. This cycle repeats itself according to what new discoveries are made and in relation to the expansion of our knowledge.

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But what if you could find the one for you?

What if all this guesswork and trial and error were a thing of the past. Replaced by a system of results that you can trust. Well, you can trust your genes. You’ll be happy to know that your genes, in fact, never change. Some can express themselves in different ways but, ultimately, they define who you are. In short, they’re the most personal information you have and as we find out more about the field of nutrigenetics so too is it becoming possible to cater diets to everyone on a personal level.

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Dieting has always proved to be a little difficult for the average person. It’s frustrating because it’s working for your friends but you still seem incapable of keeping your weight down...or up for you bulkers! The truth is that with advances in science it’s now clear that there is no one-size-fits-all miracle cure. By using products like DNAfit you can empower yourself and know exactly how your body works. With this information you’ll be able to work out a diet plan that is perfectly suited to your needs.  

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