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9 Healthy Recipes for Busy People

You’re busy, we all are, but in that rush, we all still want to eat healthy and get the nourishment that we need to get us through the day.

For this reason, we have devised a way of how you can get some power breakfast, lunch, and dinner in, in a relatively short space of time; making fitting meal prep time into your daily routine quick and easy.

You can find all these tasty recipes and more in DNAfit's personalised Meal Planner!


Smoked salmon and avocado corn thins - DNAfit Blog

Protein pancakes with yogurt - DNAfit Blog

Banana and berry smoothie | DNAfit Blog


Open topped crunchy tuna sandwich | DNAfit Blog

15 minute chicken pasta | DNAfit BlogVeggie club sandwich | DNAfit Blog


Quinoa bowl with poached eggs | DNAfit Blog

Chicken avocado and salsa wrap | DNAfit Blog

Minted salmon and pea fishcakes | DNAfit Blog

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