8 new fitness classes to try

The world of fitness is in constant flux, rapidly changing as new techniques and exercises are fused with other recreational activities, in order to create brand new ways of training, keeping things fresh and fun. These new classes implement sports such as ballet, the inspiration of drumming, or take a revolutionary look at how to make classes such as spinning that much more engaging. Below we’ll be taking a look at new fitness classes that you should try if you’re keen on a challenge that could potential suit other interests in your life.



Barre classes are all the rage and are based on the precision of the pirouette predominantly associated with ballet. So when you think of how ballerinas carry out movements that are inch-perfect and full body – now think about doing that in an exercise class.

It’s a series of micro-movements that target your butt, legs and core that are fast paced, accompanied by active recovery. You’ll also find that exercise balls and weights are used to increase toning.




SoulCycle can be thought of as a normal cycling class with all the benefits that this form of cardio brings but there’s something different, something more euphoric, maybe even ethereal about this.

It has been described as a “high octane spiritual journey” that is done by candlelight. It may seem a bit too new-age for a lot of you but with empowering affirmations to keep you going and determined you can be guaranteed that this really is a workout of the future.




You may have seen big indoor arenas in cities where all the walls are lined with trampolines and people come to fly high and bounce, and if you want something more, then the trampoline is now being used as a means to strengthen your core and build strength.

The trick is that because of the added benefit of the act of bouncing, which is also low impact, it’s an advanced form of calisthenics that increases your flexibility, balance, coordination, reaction and agility.




More and more we’re seeing how exercise is as flexible as a contortionist with the ability to incorporate a wide range of disciplines and with Pound they’ve harnessed the art of drumming, using sticks and music.

What it essentially is, is a full body cardio workout that includes Pilates, isometrics, yoga and plyometrics to ensure that after your session you’ll know that you’ve been through one of the most comprehensive and intense workout sessions of your life.



Animal Flow

Have you heard about animal exercises? Maybe some of you have even taken it to the next level and tried a few of them like the crab walk and the ambling gorilla exercise that tones you all over. Well, if you haven’t, it’s all based on primal movements.

Animal Flow uses this and lets you become in tune with your body, but don't fool yourself – it’s a lot tougher than it looks and when you’ve gone through the extensive range of bodyweight exercises you’ll be able to do things you thought were only possible in the animal kingdom.



VR Spinning

So spinning is still really popular but it’s been around for a long time, the question is – how do you take it to the next level? With science, of course.

This class uses virtual reality to immerse you in a different world as your mind is taken out of reality and you enter a new dimension while burning calories and sweating to the maximum because here, no one’s watching.



Pole Dancing

It may always have some sort of stigma attached to it but the reality is that pole dancing is a comprehensive full body workout that is all about core strength. Thing is, apart from being really sexy, it’s always sweat-inducing and effective as any other form of cardio.

But you can get that anywhere right? Wrong. While enhancing your flexibility, toning and strengthening, you’ll also build up immense amounts of confidence and get fully in tune with every part of your body working in unison.




Bokwa is inspired by a fusion of South African beats that is a lot like other newfangled dance classes that have recently come back into fashion, but with a lot less inhibition.

Here, the class is based on the alphabet as you’ll find yourself “drawing” letters in patterned movements while succumbing to the music and losing yourself in the rhythm.



While working out is all about sticking to a routine, it doesn't mean that this routine has to become monotonous. By trying out these new classes, you open yourself up to a whole world that you never knew existed before. You’ll meet zany people who were also looking for something new and engage with your body in a variety of ways.

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