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7 awesome things your personal trainer does for you

Being a personal trainer is more than just being the person who coaches a whole variety of people who want to build muscle, lose weight or stay fit. It’s about building a deeper relationship with people, which has to be based on trust. It’s not an easy job and it is often underestimated by a lot of gym-goers. Yes, they are fitness enthusiasts and a lot of them started just like you and me, but being a good and well-rounded personal trainer takes more than you think. PTs have to understand the way bodies work, that’s crucial but there’s also an element of psychology involved. Keeping people motivated while also satisfied with their workouts isn’t easy.

So here are few things your PT might be doing for you that you don’t even notice but can make a world of difference to your training.


They adjust your training so it works for you  

The best personal trainers know that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to exercise, we all respond differently to different types of training.

They gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of what works to help you find a regime that works best for you and that actually makes exercise fun. Personalised fitness is the future, a forward step past the “one size fits all” approach that will keeps you happier and healthier and your PT knows this, making for effective training.  


They know when to push you and when to ease off

You’ve all probably heard of fad diets and how they only offer temporary if any, solutions to problems that people desperately want solved. Your PT always has your interests at heart and is sure to not throw you into the deep end when you’re not ready.

Even if you find yourself struggling you’ll be under the impression that training is just hard in the beginning. Great PTs put your safety above all else and equip you with the tools to be able to eventually train all on your own with confidence and a largely reduced risk.


They keep you motivated to come back

If you’ve ever attempted a slightly difficult task, then you’ll know how easy it is to become discouraged and lack the tenacity to go above and beyond in the beginning. This doubly applies to training. But your personal trainer knows this. They’re aware of their own difficulties that they faced in the beginning and what you’re going through resonates with them.

The best personal trainers motivate you on a physical, emotional and spiritual level to keep the belief that you can achieve your goals, getting you dedicated to stick to the training regimes set out for you.


They speak to you like a human

There’s a lot of complicated terminology when it comes to the gym and training. This type of jargon is really confusing to a lot of us who just want simple answers to simple questions. Yes, we’ll all learn along the way but seriously good PTs won’t bog you down in the beginning – unless you’re really into that stuff.


They keep learning and developing

The fitness industry changes constantly. There are new studies coming out all of the time and new evidence behind the benefits and caveats of various workouts.

So, next time your personal trainers tells you that this new workout you’ve seen on Instagram isn’t actually doing anything, don’t roll your eyes. They know what they’re talking about.  


They keep sessions challenging

If exercise was easy, we’d all get bored. Training should be challenging and you should definitely feel it. If you aren’t feeling anything then you probably aren’t going to see any significant change or results.

So whenever your PT makes you go HARD, don’t hate him. He’s doing it for you to stay motivated and also to keep your training effective.


They learn your strengths and weaknesses

An obvious one but we’ll take a different point of view. Sure, people are better suited to certain exercises but rather than focusing on your strengths all the time your PT will also improve your weaknesses.

It won’t mean that you’ll become the next bench pressing king of the world but by allowing you to grow in unison, balancing your body out and growing all over they motivate you to realise that it is possible to overcome weaknesses and gain a new perspective.

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