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23 reasons you need to do a DNA test

The world of genetics is complicated and sometimes very hard to understand–but worry not, we’re here to simplify it. Here’s a list of 23 of the coolest reasons why you should take a home DNA test.

What are Chromosomes?

Chromosomes look like noodles (or threads) living inside the nucleus of most living cells. Each chromosome is made up of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and protein. Human beings have 23 chromosomes (the name sake of 23andMe) and they exist in pairs, one being from your mom and one from your dad which means you have a total of 46 when counted loosely. 

Marge and Bart Simpson

The term chromosome comes from the Greek words colour (chroma) and body (soma). Scientists gave this name to chromosomes because they are cell structures, or bodies, that are strongly stained by some colourful dyes used in research.

The unique shape of chromosomes keeps DNA wrapped around roller like proteins, called histones. Without this wrapping structure, DNA molecules would be too long to fit inside cells. For example, if all of the DNA molecules in a single human cell were unwrapped from their histones and placed end-to-end, they would stretch about 6 feet.

So, essentially for us to function properly we need chromosomes to keep our DNA intact while our cells divide to produce new cells and replace old and worn-out cells. During cell division, it is important that our DNA remains intact and is evenly and accurately distributed among different cells. 

23 is the magic number! 

Here are 23 awesome reasons why you need to keep tabs on your chromosomes with any of our DNAfit tests

1. Your DNA test results give you a cheat sheet through life 

The DNAfit test helps you take the stress out of living well. Our reports give you your whole genetic makeup on an easy to use dashboard. Like a cheat sheet, the reports tell you exactly what to eat, how to exercise and even how to sleep better. Take the stress out of making healthy meals with access to a meal planner on your personal DNAfit portal. 

2. Knowing your genes can help you fit into your jeans 😉

How? The DNAfit test of course! From your results, you’ll be able to unlock your ideal diet type. Should you be on a low carb, low fat or Mediterranean diet?

Squeezing into jeans

Many of us have tried countless diets that simply didn’t work, that’s because every one of us is genetically different and therefore we cannot possibly follow the same diet and exercises in hopes to lose some weight. Your nutrigenetic report will give your optimal diet type for weight management, so you can fit into those jeans you’ve been working hard to fit into.

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3. A great companion–DNAfit is like having a permanent gym buddy!

A friend who sticks closer than a brother! What could be closer to you than a kit that goes deep into your DNA to let you know how you can optimise every area of your life. Like your BFF the DNAfit kit will bring you closer to your fitness goals. Your genotype report gives you an insight into your aerobic potential VO2Max score, your recovery speed and injury risk. With this information, you’ll be able to better understand how you can reach your current fitness goals.

4. Aerobic potential (VO2Max)

VO2Max is a test used by scientists to measure the maximum rate in which your body can use oxygen during exercise. This test is used to determine your aerobic ability. The genes we use to test for this are ADRB2, CRP, PPARGC1A and VEGF. These genes help you understand your natural VO2Max capacity.

5. Recovery speed

Ever noticed how some people can go to the gym every single day and some of us simply can’t. That’s because research has shown that certain genetic variations infer a delayed recovery from hard exercises. Your DNAfit genotype report will tell you exactly how your body recovers and even give you recommendations about your antioxidant requirement that will help your body recover better.

6. Injury risk 

How likely are you to get injured while training? This should be a top priority if you train regularly to stay fit. In this part of your genotype report, you also get to know your post-work-out nutrition needs. Your report will even have your micronutrient doses outlined. 

7. Accuracy 

DNAfit believes in 100%  accuracy. This is enclosed in our The DNAfit 10-Point Personal Genetics Code of Practice. We demonstrate strict laboratory & data protection standards. We even encourage other companies to follow this strict code of practice.  

We have disclosed the location of the laboratory used to analyse samples to enable our customers to make informed decisions about the security of their DNA samples and the quality of the laboratory analysis.

8. Do it yourself: DIY

Do it yourself! Yep!, the DNAfit test is easy to do, you can do the swab in the comfort of your home and just send back in the mail.

Order your DNAfit kit today = Swab = Send-Off accredited laboratories. Your results are ready within 15 days, it’s as easy as that.

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9. Unwrap your potential

Are you a fitness lover or just trying to stay fit and healthy? The DNAfit test helps you unwrap your fitness potential. The ACE gene we test for helps you know whether you’re more likely to thrive as a power or endurance trainer. How awesome is that... never having to do exercises that will never work for your body. Our sports scientists are also readily available to tell you which specific exercises to do to fit your profile.

10. What is the ACE gene?

The ACE is a special gene because it is tested for in three different sections of the DNAfit reports regarding your power and endurance profile, carbohydrate sensitivity and salt sensitivity, we’ll get into what each of these mean. This gene is reported on in a different way to most of the other genes tested. You can have this gene represented by Insertion (or I) allele, or Deletion (D) allele. This is classified as a variation in which a piece of DNA is either present (I) or deleted (D) from the gene. 

ACE gene and your power & endurance response

ACE is also special because it is one of the most researched genes in relation to sporting performance which is a plus when you’re trying to improve the way you train and your fitness. 

People with the I allele version of this gene can see greater improvements to endurance training, and people with the D allele version are associated with greater improvements from higher intensity training (power). 

ACE gene and your carbohydrate sensitivity

ACE has also been found to affect the sensitivity to carbohydrates in certain people. Individuals with the DD genotype are more likely to suffer from lower insulin sensitivity, which in turn can increase the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. 

ACE and salt sensitivity 

ACE also plays a key role in blood pressure control, and so has been implicated in the development of salt-sensitive hypertension, or high blood pressure with very high salt intake. 

11. A human road map 

Imagine having a map to getting your body to your desired destination. That’s exactly what the DNAfit test does for you. Your nutrigenetic report gives you the insight to your carbohydrate sensitivity, fat sensitivity, detoxification ability, anti-oxidant need, omega-3 need, vitamin requirements alcohol response, caffeine sensitivity and lactose intolerance. That’s not even all, the best part is getting to know your coelic predisposition. How common is a coeliac disease for your genotype?

Download the Proactive Health Management Playbook,  a guide to understanding why you develop certain chronic diseases and how to improve your health outlook. 

Download your Proactive Health Management Playbook to improve your physical and mental well-being

12. Change it from diet to lifestyle

According to your diet type, the DNAfit meal planner gives you an infinite number of recipes to try. Quick breakfast meals, lunch meals, snacks and supper meals. The DNAfit test helps you live your best life every day for the rest of your life.

13.  Are you lactose intolerant? 

Most of us are and just don’t know it. In the majority, of the world’s population, the enzyme lactase is only produced during the first few years of life. Essentially we only need this enzyme while we feed on our mother’s milk, so as a result most of the world's population is lactose intolerant. Shocking right, the DNAfit report will give you an indication of whether or not you have are lactose tolerant. 

14. Ava-Cardio or not? 

Trends, so much fun to try. But should you be eating more avo and doing cardio for your genotype? 

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15. Your DNAfit kit is like the external drive to your DNA

External hard driver help us contain data that we’ll need regularly, you use them as work, at home to load movies for the kids, you use them everywhere and all the time. Your DNAfit test will give an external hard drive to your life. What to eat daily and how to train, recovery, avoid and injury and 

16. Discover your alcohol sensitivity

Touchy? We all know that too much alcohol is harmful to our health, but do we know what “Too much” is? Your genes won’t tell you to completely quit drinking or even tell you to binge drink, but a certain version of the ADH1C gene has been shown to have a positive effect on HDL cholesterol levels (your good cholesterol)  which is great but with moderate alcohol consumption. 

17. Smell asparagus?

Asparagus is a non-starchy vegetable which means it is fantastic to eat it carries a low caloric intake, but what about smelling it in your urine? Asparagus may give you odorous urine and you may want to consider being able to spot that smell with your DNAfit test results.

18. Caffeine sensitivity

Coffee lover? Caffeine is the most common stimulant we consume daily some of us more than others. It keeps you awake and on the ball. However, when caffeine is consumed excessively it can cause anxiety, insomnia, headaches and stomach irritation. Your DNAfit results will take a deep dive into your caffeine sensitivity.

19. Inflammation

How long can your body stay inflamed? What role does your genetic makeup play in the way that you recover from inflammation? Your DNAfit results will be able to tell you which good fats can help you with inflammation especially if you’re into fitness and your goal is to build muscle or lose weight. 

20. Warrior vs Strategist

The most exciting part of what the DNAfit testing kits can do is probably the sleep and stress report. Why are some people able to work well under stressful situations? In your sleep and stress report, you will learn about your warrior or strategist response? Understand your results and have your action items listed in an easy to understand way.

21. Vitamin B’s

Vitamin B’s are for the energy of your body. B vitamins are needed in almost every bodily process. But, they’re water-soluble, extremely heat sensitive and some of us can’t even absorb them properly, but thankfully your DNAfit test results will be able to tell you how to handle your vitamin B’s. 

22. Vitamins D

When we report on vitamin D requirements, it’s for your bone health. Changes in the VDR gene, known as polymorphisms, have been shown to have an impact on how strong and healthy our bones are. 

23. Finally... 

YOU WILL BE EQUIPPED to transform your life. 

With this volume of insightful info you’ll most definitely be on your way to transforming your life for the better, so get DNAfit today. 

Health Fit is our most comprehensive plan, with insights to your nutrition, fitness and your sleep and stress. 

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