10 foods that can help you have a better workout

You’re working out, eating well and are on the way to getting the results that you want but what if you knew what foods could take your results to the next level. It’s no use working out and not complementing that with a diet of the best foods for you so we’ve compiled a list of nature’s ‘superfoods’ that will not only assist you in having a better workout but also improve your pre and post-workout. We’re beginning to shift our focus past diet regimens and onwards to setting a benchmark for the healthiest diet out there. 


●      Salmon


Bring on the sushi! Salmon is not only great tasting but satisfies our muscle-building protein and omega-3 needs that aid recovery. This oily fish also contains vitamins B12 and B6 and weekly consumption lowers our risk of cardiovascular problems.


It’s perfect for athletes because you can have it raw or grilled and it doesn’t carry with it the bulky feeling of your usual steak. You can also have it at any time of the day in a variety of ways so if you’re on a strict diet include salmon to your rye bread with avo to get your fill of the nutrients this fish holds.


●      Avocado


Have you ever met someone who said they loved avos so much that they could actually live inside of one? This is an example of some alternative praise heaped on one of nature’s most underrated foods. Avocados are nutrient dense, high in fiber, folate, potassium, vitamin E, magnesium and monounsaturated fats.


They’re also easily integrated into your meal. Tasted how good guacamole is? That’s avocado! It’s creamy and can be spread over just about anything or eaten alone. However you choose to pack your body with nutrients always make sure you’ve got an avo around to do most of the leg work. Your body will praise you with amazing results afterwards.


●      Nuts


These days everybody’s going nuts for nuts…and for good reason. Nuts such as walnuts are nutrient dense with essential fats, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals and are great for bone health and recovery.


Nuts are also easy to have on the go, before or after workouts. You can snack on a handful of them during the day if you’re a bit hungry or add them to your breakfast yoghurt. The added protein also makes the food that you’re eating with your bunch of nuts more digestible and fuller. 


●      Sweet Potato


One of the newest sides you’ll see on the menu right next to the fries and fries of a different kind…the sweet potato version. Studies have shown that athletes loading up on this source of vitamins A, C and B can eat it for lunch and dinner with a protein source.


They’re a starchy vegetable, the good kind of carbohydrate, and work as a powerful antioxidant in conjunction with the vitamins and minerals in them. Athletes crave the minerals locked inside of sweet potatoes and your healthy muscle functions depend on the manganese and copper you’ll find within.


●      Spinach


Although Popeye may have exaggerated the immediate benefits of spinach it goes without saying that this is a power food, packed with nutrients. It’s still metabolically active and fresh, even under the lights of the grocery store, and not only fights inflammation but cancer, too.


The look of spinach may put you off a bit but its sweetness will surprise you and make you want to pack in those vitamins and minerals. Perfect as a part of a smoothie or added to salads., you can also spread the spinach love to your friends without them knowing it. Don’t forget to tell them afterwards so they can reap the benefits as well.


●      Bananas


Bananas are well suited to your workout because potassium is one of the electrolytes that are easily lost through sweat. They combat the build up of lactic acid and help you to keep going for longer as well! If that wasn’t enough then there’s the added benefit of bananas being convenient to have on the go as they’re encased in their skins.


Every time you take on a marathon you’ll find that people around you can’t stop talking about bananas, before and after the race! They’re not wrong. Bananas are loaded with vitamins that replace lost electrolytes and maintain your blood sugar levels. They’ll keep you in the game and give you that extra push when you need it most.


●      Eggs


Most people get really eggstatic just thinking about this superfood that humans consume on the daily, all over the world. More often than not if you trust what the majority of well-minded people do then you’ll be doing something right.



Perfect for workouts as they’re simple to make whether you like them scrambled, poached, over-easy or fried and are high in protein, fats and carotenoids. Egg whites themselves have become intrinsic to the body building profession so if you’re looking to bulk then go without the yolk.

●      Quinoa


Qunioa is a sprouted seed and, simultaneously, a whole grain. Grains fall into the category of unrefined carbohydrates that work perfectly with your body. People who eat enough whole grains have a reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Conversely, consuming refined versions of these grains leads to the development of chronic disease.


Quinoa contains all nine essential amino acids our bodies need to build lean muscle and recover from tough workouts. It’s clear why you need to add this to your diet right away. You can also eat it in nearly any way from it being a breakfast cereal to a replacement for pasta.


●      Oats


We’ve all been having oats ever since we were kids before school so it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise that oats are part of the superfoods we’ve chosen for you. Kids are active, energetic and need to be able to concentrate during the day. Because of this it’s important that their breakfast is packed with excellent vitamins and minerals.


The same should go for athletes. Oats are an amazing source of the good kind of carbs and high in fiber. They keep you full for longer and with a low glycemic index that promotes a slow and sustained release of proteins into the bloodstream they nourish the body and keep you moving


●      Chocolate Milk


Out of all of the options this is one that really causes people to be a bit cautious about. When you think of chocolate milk you think of sweet milkshakes that surely don’t pack that much power but you’d be wrong. Chocolate milk acts as a recovery beverage as it provides minerals such as sodium and casein that are paramount when your body needs to recuperate spent energy.


Athletes around the world replace the commercial options with a tall glass of chocolate milk. You not only get to go back to your childhood when chocolate milk was quite the treat but you’ll also be able to get back to working out much faster.


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